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  • By Catie Kolander
    Introducing Verify TOTP: Secure, Low-cost Verification - Now in Beta Verify TOTP Launch Hero

    We're excited to announce that we have expanded the Verify API solution to include Time-based One-time Passcodes (TOTP) – now in Public Beta. This end-to-end API service allows companies to add a secure and cost-effective second factor into their application flows. TOTP is also known as app based authentication, software tokens, or soft tokens.

    Verify TOTP

    Soft tokens work by having a user store a secret key in an authenticator app, which is then used to generate expiring codes that use the secret key and current system time as inputs.

    Example Verify TOTP Soft Token

    TOTP is a common form of two-factor authentication (2FA). The time-based passcodes are available offline and provide user friendly account security when used as a second factor. This means that Verify TOTP does not rely on cellular data or WiFi for code delivery, and end-users can verify anywhere, anytime.

    Verify TOTP allows user verification via third-party authentication applications, eliminating telecom …

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