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  • By Christopher Konopka
    Sending a SIM Command from an Azure Virtual Machine with Node.js twilioazurenode-header.png

    Building a Virtual Machine using the Azure CLI is a skill that can bring your idea beyond the desktop and into the cloud. In this tutorial, we will walk through how to set up an Ubuntu Virtual Machine using the Azure CLI and send a Twilio SIM Command using Node.js. This post assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to set up a Twilio SIM and use the Commands API. If you are new to this concept check out the Commands API documentation and this example on how to send machine-to-machine Commands with the Twilio SIM. More TwilioIoT projects can be found, along with this one, on GitHub.


    • Sign up for a free tier Azure account
    • Install Azure CLI
    • Create a new Virtual Machine
    • Installing Node.js, npm & Twilio


    Azure Virtual Machine + Commands API + Node.js


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  • By Christopher Konopka
    Build a "smart container app" to monitor food shipments with NB-IoT, Node and Pusher TwilioIoT-NBFood-Banner2.png

    Containers are one of the many ways food is shipped to vendors around the globe. The food encounters various types of environmental changes before it reaches the consumer. These environmental changes could impact the quality of the product during the shipment.


    Using Twilio’s Narrowband Developer Kit that was distributed at SIGNAL 2018 we will create a full-stack IoT prototype using the U.S. T-Mobile NB-IoT network. NB-IoT is a new radio network technology that has very minimal power requirements meaning devices can connect with a lifespan of 10 years in the wild. This environmental monitor will be used to track the temperature/humidity of a food shipment and infrequently send small pac …

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  • By Christopher Konopka
    Pioneer NB-IoT with Twilio’s Alfa Development Kit MKoJIoIsK4_PFrh9eCTFyy1uA_Jx4rb4LU_u97K9PQbgskGFMXtWEMBe8y9D4NlPcSUgC7OXhwJfPvmrSR8okuksMJWtKfwfgA-qdR5WIRSm5HCznDaHyidAXTqFCDKimYxeA-_L

    Updated Please note that the Narrowband IoT Dev Kit described here is no longer available

    NB-IoT, also known as Narrowband-IoT, is a new cellular technology that promises low cost, low power consumption, wide area coverage and long battery life. These characteristics help make “smart devices” a reality.

    T-Mobile has deployed NB-IoT coverage in the United States and Twilio is the first company to provide a NB-IoT developer kit. Twilio’sAlfa Developer Kit features a development board created in collaboration with Seeed Studio. The development board can access the T-Mobile NB-IoT network using a Twilio Narrowband SIM (which comes in the kit). Once on the network, developers can exchange data between multiple NB-IoT kits using the Twilio Breakout SDK.

    This post demonstrates how to connect to T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network using Twilio’s Developer Kit. Once connected, we’ll send a “hello world” message over the network using the Breakout …

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  • By Christopher Konopka
    How to Play a MP3 File with Programmable Wireless, Go and the Arduino MKR GSM 1400 arduinomkr1400.jpg

    The new MKR family of Arduino boards are going to change the landscape of rapid prototyping IoT solutions. The Arduino MKR GSM 1400 is a great solution for anyone looking to expand the scope of their IoT projects using cellular connectivity. By integrating a modem with a microcontroller a new all-in-one communication solution has started to emerge. This paired with the Twilio Programmable Wireless SIM makes it possible to communicate around the globe using Machine-to-Machine commands. “Things” can now be connected in ways previously impossible with WiFi or Bluetooth.

    This tutorial demonstrates how to send a Machine-to-Machine Command from the Arduino MKR GSM 1400 to a server written in Go. When the Machine-to-Machine Command is received server-side an audio file will play a .mp3 saying “hello”. If you want to jump ahead the completed project can be found on the TwilioIoT GitHub.

    What is the Arduino MKR GSM 1400? …

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  • By Christopher Konopka
    Saying Happy Birthday to my Grandma with #TwilioIoT HappyBirthdayIoT

    When it came to my Grandma 90th birthday I was stumped about what to get her as a gift. She has been a big influence in my life and I wanted to do something that showed that. I knew I wanted to integrate Twilio in some way because when she was younger she was a switchboard operator for Bell Telephone. Then it hit me like a ton of phones. I will create a hardware device with a Programmable Wireless SIM and a Grove Button. When grandma presses the Grove Button a voice call will be routed to her phone and an operator will tell her how much I love her and wish her a happy birthday.

    What I needed to send some birthday love

    For this project you will need following components:

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  • By Christopher Konopka
    Send a gopher gif with Go using MMS in 14 lines konopka-blog02-gophertop_gopher-gif.png

    In past posts we’ve shown you how to use Go to send SMS and how to make and receive calls with Twilio. What if I wanted to share a gopher gif with a friend using Go? Twilio can do that too!

    package main
    import (
        twilio ""
    func main() {
        client := twilio.NewClient("TWILIO_AUTH_SID", "TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN", nil)
        gif, _ := url.Parse("")
        mms, _ := client.Messages.SendMessage("FROM_NUMBER", "TO_NUMBER", "", []*url.URL{gif})
        fmt.Println("You just sent a gif with Twilio using Go!! " + string(mms.Status) + " - " + string(mms.Sid))

    Setting Up to Send a Gop …

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  • By Christopher Konopka
    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Christopher Konopka Konopka-DevangelIntroPost

    Following your passion and hard work are things I observed being around family when I was young. My grandfather passed away early in my life but his memory was always visible to me through the pictures hanging on the walls in my grandmother’s house.

    One wall had an image of a worn leather boot and him climbing a telephone pole next to it. He, along with other family members, were responsible for putting up telephone lines across the northern part of Massachusetts for Bell Telephone.

    Bell Labs Radio GIF-source.gif

    Growing up in this environment I was always taught to problem-solve and was encouraged to seek solutions by observing the problem through the eyes of others. From the beginning I was equipped with curiosity and inspired to use it every day.

    There were two principles I was told that make the world work: asking "why?" and communication.

    Learning Styles

    As a kid I never …

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