Twilio Programmable Wireless is now Generally Available 🎉

We’re excited to announce that Programmable Wireless becomes Generally Available today. Programmable Wireless provides cellular connectivity for IoT devices, powered by simple, scalable APIs and extensive global reach. Since our beta release in July 2017, you’ve used Programmable Wireless to power a wide range of innovative use-cases. iBeat is reimagining the personal emergency response category with a cellular-connected watch that responds to cardiac incidents. Eatabit makes… Read More

Improved Data Pricing for Programmable Wireless

As announced earlier today, Programmable Wireless is now Generally Available. As part of the GA release, we’re introducing improved data pricing and new data pricing models. Major Changes We are reducing the “Pay as you go” data pricing rate to 10¢ per MB in 120+ countries. Customers on the existing “Pooled” data plan will automatically receive the discounted PAYG pricing. We are introducing new Quota-based pricing… Read More

New Developer Preview Features for Programmable Wireless

Today we are introducing spiffy new developer preview features to Programmable Wireless. Trust Onboard (X.509 certificates on every SIM) and Wireless VPNs. Trust Onboard With Trust Onboard, every Programmable Wireless SIM comes with two X.509 certificates pre-provisioned (“onboard”). This provides a built-in mechanism to differentiate device identities and gives you more options to authenticate against cloud services. Why does this matter? Imagine you plan to manufacture… Read More

Bulk Actions for SIMs in Console

Bulk Actions for SIMs in Console

Adding customer requested features. Provisioning SIMs ordered simplified through Console. Updating SIMs in bulk through Console. Today, we’re excited to announce bulk updates for Programmable Wireless SIMs in the Console—a much-requested feature by customers to simplify the provisioning of logically grouped devices. In the past, making changes to a fleet of devices such as moving SIMs to the “Active” state to bring them online or changing… Read More

Announcing SIM Data Sessions and More!

SIM data sessions

Troubleshoot device issues and understand network setup. Get detailed internet session information by API or in Console. Reset a SIM’s network connection, remotely. When you have a fleet of devices out in the wild, it’s important to understand the behavior of those devices as they attempt to access resources on the Internet. You also need to troubleshoot issues and understand the network setup and teardown behavior… Read More

International Shipping for Programmable Wireless SIMs

International shipping sims

International shipping of SIMs now available. Single Programmable SIM connects your devices in over 100+ countries. Ordering SIMs simplified through Console. Today, we’re excited to announce international shipping for Programmable Wireless SIMs—offering cellular connectivity for your SIM-connected devices around the globe. International shipping, together with international data connectivity, means that global connectivity from a single SIM is now available in 100+ countries. Now you can use… Read More

Introducing Global Connectivity and IoT Authentication Tools for Programmable Wireless

Twilio Programmable Wireless

Today at SIGNAL we introduced two exciting enhancements to Programmable Wireless. Global SIM Connectivity First, we’re incredibly excited to provide global connectivity on our T-Mobile powered SIMs. This enables Programmable Wireless to support global device deployments with a single SIM SKU. And for developers building outside the US, we heard your feedback! You’re now able to connect your device during development and testing in almost 200… Read More

Programmable Wireless Now Available in Beta

Twilio Programmable Wireless

What a rush! In 2016, we spun up a brand new team and set forth to open up (yet another) black box of telecom—Cellular Wireless. In the past months, we’ve: Shipped APIs for managing the lifecycle and capabilities of SIMs. Provided a self-service SIM ordering mechanism with two-day fulfillment in the US. Implemented a Console and API experience for understanding data usage. Added Programmable Voice capabilities…. Read More