Announcing Twilio's Series C Funding Round

Today it was announced that Twilio has closed a $17 million Series C funding round, and we can’t wait to put that money to good use…Full Article

Twilio Launches in Europe, Opens Office in London

Today we are happy to announce that Twilio has launched in Europe, and local phone and freephone numbers for using Twilio Voice are now available…Full Article

FastCall411 Announces 2nd Round of Funding at TwilioCon

Congratulations to FastCall411, a Twilio Fund alumni who will be presenting this afternoon and announced today their second round of fundraising from angel investor Gerry Campbell.…Full Article

Announcing the Finalists from the TwilioCon Hackathon

Last night over 200 developers gathered after Twilio Conference sessions wrapped up to hack on the Twilio Client iOS Beta and Twilio Connect.  Without futher…Full Article

Another $250,000 Committed to Twilio Fund by Dave McClure & Ron Conway

This evening in Dave McClure’s closing keynote he announced that he is joining forces with fellow “super angel” Ron Conway, who also keynoted earlier today…Full Article

TwilioCon Kicks Off this Morning with 600 Developers & Entrepreneurs

Today we’re gathered at the Bently Reserve for the first day of the Twilio Conference.  Keynotes kick off at 9am, and we’ll be hearing from…Full Article

Announcing Twilio Fund Companies Presenting at TwilioCon

Twilio Fund is excited to announce the finalists and presenting alumni companies who will demo their products and showcase their startups at TwilioCon this week.…Full Article

Kicking Off the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in S.F.

Things are about to get underway at the TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon.  There are tons of sponsoring APIs offering sweet prizes and Twilio is offering you…Full Article

Twilio Conference Speakers & Entrepreneur Discount

If you haven’t already heard, we’re hosting the Twilio Conference, our first users conference in San Francisco September 21st and 22nd.  The event will bring…Full Article

Stay Connected at Lollapalooza This Year With Bandcast

This post features Elenor Collings of Bandcast, and is part of our Twilio Customer Highlights series.  Have you built an application using Twilio that you’d…Full Article

Announcing the Launch of Twilio Client

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Twilio Client, a simple set of developer tools that open up an “audio pipe” from your…Full Article

Announcing Twilio SMS Short Codes

We’re happy to announce the launch of our newest product, Twilio SMS Short Codes, which has been in private beta for the past few months and…Full Article

Announcing the 1st Twilio Conference – Sept. 21st & 22nd

Ready to hang out with the makers, doers, movers, and shakers in the Twilio community? Join us September 21st and 22nd, 2011 at the Bently…Full Article

Twilio Now Accepts Credit Cards in 21 Countries

Have you wanted to use Twilio, but couldn’t because you don’t have a billing address in the United States or Canada?  Twilio already accepted credit…Full Article

Predictive Dialing on Demand with Impact Dialing

Impact Dialing is a pay-as-you-go on-demand auto dialer built on Twilio. Their software is used by call centers, pollsters, and political campaigns to improve the…Full Article

Canappi Helps Developers Build Converged Mobile Apps

Two weeks ago, Canappi launched the 1.0 version of their mobile app development platform, and they’re rolling out connections to leading APIs. We’re honored to…Full Article

Search Quora Questions with SMS

About a month ago, Shreyes Seshasai from the popular online question and answer service Quora announced (on Quora, of course) that they are now supporting…Full Article Launches at TechCrunch Disrupt

Twilio has set up a temporary office in New York City for TechCrunch Disrupt this weekend, and for the rest of the week.  We’re excited…Full Article

LinkedIn Labs Releases TextIn – Internal Hackathon Winner

LinkedIn‘s latest internal hackathon winner is TextIn, which was developed by Sudeep Yegnashankaran and released as part of LinkedIn Labs portal this morning.  The app uses Twilio SMS…Full Article

Twilio Dashboard Updated: Search Your Phone Numbers

Over the weekend we quietly rolled out the most recent in a series of improvements to the Twilio account dashboard tools, which are what you’ll…Full Article

Join Twilio for API Hackday Chicago – May 28th

Back in October we hosted the first API Hack Day here at Twilio HQ in San Francisco as an event designed to bring together various…Full Article

Startup Weekend LA Winner Zaarly Announces Funding, Launch Plans

It was only 3 weeks ago that Startup Weekend Los Angeles took place at the Coloft, an awesome coworking space that is home to many…Full Article

Announcing the OpenVBX iPhone App for Users on the Go

Last year, Twilio released OpenVBX to help developers build rich web-based voice communications applications. Today, we’re happy to announce an open-source iPhone app to accompany…Full Article

Can I Port a Phone Number From Google Voice to Twilio?

Yes! At Twilio, we believe in phone number portability, and you can port most mobile and landline phone numbers into Twilio, and port any number…Full Article

Twilio Powered Betwext Keeps 700+ Attendees Updated at Wordcamp Phoenix

How do event organizers reach out to hundreds of conference attendees to keep them updated throughout the day about the schedule, wifi, and myriad details…Full Article

Win a Trip to Miami – Present Your Twilio-Powered Startup at Startup Camp 3 ITEXPO

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs.  Programs we support, like Startup Weekend and Twilio Fund, are geared towards helping entrepreneurs learn about building businesses, finding customers,…Full Article

2010 in Review – Inspiration from the Twilio Developer Community

2010 has been an incredible year for the Twilio developer community.  The Twilio voice and SMS APIs have been used in thousands of integrations, applications,…Full Article

Awesomeness Reminders Make a Great Holiday Gift

How great would it be if someone called you everyday, just to tell you how awesome you are?  This is the question Awesomeness Reminders poses…Full Article

Join Twilio at Cloudstock for Talks & Hackathon Fun

Today several members of the Twilio team are hanging out at Moscone West for Cloudstock, a full days of talks and hacking for cloud developers.…Full Article

Twilio SMS Price Reduced – Now $0.02 per Message

We’re excited to announce that we have reduced Twilio SMS pricing from $0.03 per message in or out by 33%, to $0.02 per message.  This…Full Article

Building an Instant Auction with Twilio & Kynetx

This week we’ve teamed up with Kynetx to bring you a developer contest that combines the event-driven web and Twilio cloud communications.  Sam Curren, a…Full Article

TextSlide Launches Chatroulette for Text Messaging

Congratulations to the team at TextSlide, who exited stealth mode today with an exclusive article on Mashable about the launch of their anonymous text messaging…Full Article

Finalists Announced in Twilio + Union Square Ventures Developer Contest

Last week, we announced Asthmapolis as the winner of the Twilio & Union Square Ventures developer contest and promised we would reveal the top finalists.…Full Article

Customer Video: Michael Yap Combines Twilio & Joget

Michael Yap, a Twilio developer, created this video demo explaining how to combine Twilio and Joget. Joget is a business process tool, and you can…Full Article

John Britton Presenting OpenVBX virtual phone system at New York Tech Meetup

Tonight at New York Tech Meetup John Britton will demo OpenVBX, our open source virtual phone system, to an audience of roughly 800.  Some might…Full Article

Event Recap: Startup Weekend Summit & StartupCamp L.A.

I just got back from a week of travel; first to Kansas City for Startup Weekend organizer’s summit, and then to Los Angeles for Startup…Full Article

Announcing Twilio Fund: $250,000 for Twilio Powered Startups

Today is a pretty kick ass day for the Twilio development community, because 500Startups has announced a $250,000 investment in our ecosystem of awesome Twilio-powered…Full Article Builds Simple Send-To-Phone Feature in Hours with Twilio

Justin Chen dropped us a note, letting us know his company built a simple “send to phone” feature into their restaurant listings in just a…Full Article

New Lower Pricing for Twilio Voice, Save 29% on Average

We have reduced our voice API prices today, and we’re excited to announce that customers will save 29% on average.  This new pricing model impacts…Full Article

Announcing the New Twilio API Version 2010-04-01

Today we’re excited to announce the launch the first major revision to the Twilio APIs, incorporating over 100 improvements requested by thousands of members of…Full Article

Twilio in Space! Powers HacDC Space Blimp Tracking

This is probably one of the coolest and most unique use cases for Twilio I’ve ever seen. HacDC, a hacker space in Washington D.C., is…Full Article

How To Receive SMS Messages Without Responding

When you purchase a new phone number with Twilio, the URL for voice and SMS is not configured so until you set this up you…Full Article

How To: Port Your Landline to Twilio, Forward to Your Mobile Phone

I read a post today in the Wall Street Journal about how early adopters want to get 212 numbers, one of the earliest area codes…Full Article

Save Time With TaskRabbit – oDesk Meets

Life is full of so many little details that need attending to all the time.  Would you rather be coding up your next prize winner…Full Article

Calling All Engineers – Twilio Is Hiring

Are you just out of school and looking for your first software development job, or maybe a seasoned engineer looking for your next career move? …Full Article

Google Dev Relations Team Builds SaaSy Voice for Google Apps Marketplace

We were excited to read earlier today that the Google Dev Relations team for the Google Apps Marketplace decided to use Twilio for their latest…Full Article

Twilio Resources for Ruby Developers

This weekend at the Social Apps Workshop at Heroku’s new (beautiful!) HQ we hung out with about 150 ruby developers to learn from folks at…Full Article

Apply to Present Your Startup at StartupCamp2

Would you like to present your startup to an audience of technologists, C-level executives, fellow entrpreneurs and venture capitalists?  If your startup is leveraging communication…Full Article

Twilio Contest Winner PagerDuty Receives Funding from Y Combinator

Congratulations to the PagerDuty! The company, which launched a year ago, was featured on TechCrunch this afternoon as they announced they’ve raised funding from popular…Full Article

Twilio Starter Kit for the Zend Framework by Michael Kimsal

Thank you to Michael Kimsal, who created a starter kit for developers using Twilio with the Zend Framework for PHP.  As he announced on the…Full Article