Fruition Partners FruPhone in ServiceNow

Twilio Teams Up With Fruition Partners To Bring Cloud Communications To ServiceNow

At Twilio, we believe that the effort to bring cloud communications to global companies and brands is best done with friends, so today, we are…Full Article

Cloud Communications and The Future of Marketing In The Post-PC World

Note: This post originally appeared on TechCrunch. If you are a marketer who has spent the last 10 years mastering the art of capturing and converting…Full Article

Powered by Twilio, SendHub Brings Feedback Loops to SMS Marketing

SendHub, a Y-Combinator startup, offers an SMS marketing platform for small businesses, sports leagues, faith groups and teachers. When SendHub was getting started – before…Full Article

TrustedID Protects Customers From ID Theft With Real-Time SMS Alerts

Identity-protection company, TrustedID, uses Twilio to notify customers of potential threats with SMS alerts. TrustedID is an identity-protection company. Using both data mining algorithms and…Full Article

Todd Thompson Changes the Way A Network of Auto Dealers Uses The Phone

Steele Auto transforms its business with a handful of Twilio-powered apps. Todd Thompson’s saga begins two years ago in the back office of Steele Auto,…Full Article Lets Online Daters Call or Text Message Without Revealing Their Phone Numbers

The popular online dating service gives subscribers virtual phone numbers they can use to call and text potential dates. Online dating is a competitive market.…Full Article

3 ways you can leverage cloud communications to supercharge your sales

The world of sales has changed dramatically over past couple of years. Leads come in from multiple sources, at all times of day, from more…Full Article

Tumblr and Mobile Commons Use Twilio Click to Call to Fight SOPA and ProtectIP

This week, Tumblr’s team came up with an ingenious way to use click to call to alert the public to the significant dangers to a…Full Article

Zendesk's Adrian McDermott talks about building a virtual call center and dispels myths about phone support

At the 2011 Twilio Conference, Zendesk’s AdrianMcDermott presented the Twilio-powered Zendesk Voice. Zendesk Voice uses Twilio Client to build VoIP capabilities into Zendesk’s customer support software, turning Zendesk Voice…Full Article

Oren Jacob

VIDEO: Oren Jacob, entrepreneur and former Pixar CTO, talks about scaling Pixar, the crisis around Toy Story 2 and his first-hand encounters with Steve Jobs

(VIDEO INTERVIEW AT BOTTOM OF POST) For those that aren’t familiar with the history, Pixar – the world-famous animation studio we all know and love…Full Article

AutoClaims Direct uses Twilio to build a virtual phone system

With employees distributed throughout the country, AutoClaims Direct – a services and technology company in the Property & Casualty insurance claims industry – needed a virtual telephone…Full Article

Red Cloud Rising – An Alternate Reality Game Built on Twilio

You walk into the Wall Street offices of Bydder Financial, which are beautifully appointed but otherwise nondescript. A friendly blond lady meets you at the…Full Article

Twilio Presents the Definitive Brogramming Primer

Yesterday at Twilio Conference, Twilio’s resident punk rocker, Rob Spectre was temporarily possessed by the bro spirit of Chad, world-bashing brogrammer and bro extraordinaire. For 15 epic (nay,…Full Article

Airbnb builds Voice Connect Click to Call app on Twilio

Airbnb, the red-hot startup which enables people to turn their apartments or bedrooms into ad hoc hotels and rent them out to strangers, needed a…Full Article

Oren Jacob, former CTO of Pixar, explains why he left to do a startup

When Oren Jacob started his career at Pixar, the company had under 50 employees. They were a pack of artists in pursuit of their first…Full Article

Ron Conway on mega-trends, non-bubbles and the joys of angel investing

On a random recent Friday evening, Ron Conway showed me why he has the reputation he has. The Twilio Blog is not TechCrunch. We are…Full Article

RingDNA dials call tracking, IVR and virtual call center into Salesforce

Years ago (circa 2005) when DemandResults’ founder and CEO, Howard Brown, had to set up a Salesforce-integrated call tracking solution for a behavioral healthcare lead-gen…Full Article

@WalmartLabs Pushes “Value of the day” with Twilio Short Code SMS

Walmart offers a “Value of the day” to all of its customers. The “Values of the day” are special discounts that Walmart shoppers can redeem…Full Article

Trulia gives real estate agents an edge with Instant Leads

For a real estate agent in pursuit of a hot lead, speed is everything. According to a study by Dr. James Oldroyd of MIT, an…Full Article