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  • By Dan Kaplan
    Twilio Teams Up With Fruition Partners To Bring Cloud Communications To ServiceNow contact_center_1

    Fruition Partners LogoAt Twilio, we believe that the effort to bring cloud communications to global companies and brands is best done with friends, so today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Fruition Partners.

    Founded in 2003, Fruition Partners is a Cloud IT consultancy that specializes in large-scale systems implementations for the Fortune 500. The company is the world’s leading ServiceNow partner, with over 200 successful deployments for customers like Coca-Cola, Viacom, American Express and Yale University under its belt.

    Chris Dauw, Fruition’s Director of Product Management, says that when he started tinkering with Twilio’s APIs, he immediately understood the magnitude of their potential.

    “We instantly realized that Twilio was going to revolutionize business telecom,” Dauw says. “Since then, we’ve been using the API to do some fantastic things.”

    These fantastic things have included eliminating a $25,000/month answering service for a global brand, creating a real-time support ticketing system for a …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    Cloud Communications and The Future of Marketing In The Post-PC World Twilio Bug Logo

    iPad Launch: Cloud Communications

    Note: This post originally appeared on TechCrunch.

    If you are a marketer who has spent the last 10 years mastering the art of capturing and converting customers on the desktop web, the rapid rise of smartphones and the iPad might make you nervous.

    You’ve built businesses on paid search, written essays about optimizing lead forms and studied the ever-changing subtleties of SEO. Using cookies that follow us around the web, you’ve turned display advertising into a performance medium. But just as you were beginning to wrap your heads around the whole social thing, along come the iPhone, Android and the iPad and with them a whole new reality: the post-PC world.

    The post-PC world is radically different from the world in which most marketers honed their skills. Here, horizontal keyword search is losing ground to vertical-specific apps like Yelp and Hipmunk and a stream of recommendations from Foursquare, Twitter, …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    Powered by Twilio, SendHub Brings Feedback Loops to SMS Marketing Twilio Bug Logo

    SendHub, a Y-Combinator startup, offers an SMS marketing platform for small businesses, sports leagues, faith groups and teachers.

    SendHub SMS marketingWhen SendHub was getting started – before it evolved into a full-fledged SMS marketing app – co-founder Garrett Johnson had a mission: to give teachers at his nephew’s public school a better means to communicate after class with students and parents. The majority of the students came from low-income families and either lacked consistent access to email or just didn’t use email at all. Even if they did have email, teachers had no great way to collect their addresses. But almost all of them had mobile phones. The answer, Johnson realized, was text messaging, also known as SMS.

    Powered by Twilio’s SMS API, SendHub’s platform enabled teachers to reach any student or parent on any mobile phone. It also offered a powerful way of collecting contact details: all students had …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    TrustedID Protects Customers From ID Theft With Real-Time SMS Alerts Twilio Bug Logo

    Identity-protection company, TrustedID, uses Twilio to notify customers of potential threats with SMS alerts.

    TrustedID Real-Time SMS Alerts

    TrustedID is an identity-protection company. Using both data mining algorithms and other monitoring techniques, TrustedID’s services help consumers protect their bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers and medical health benefits against identity thieves. Since it began operations, TrustedID has been relying on email notifications and phone calls to alert its members when it detects activity that may affect their identity.

    But when Lyn Chitow Oakes, TrustedID’s Chief Marketing Officer, wanted a way to deliver important information to TrustedID mobile customers in a fast, effective and timely manner, she turned to SMS alerts.

    “Email is not always the most efficient mechanism and phone calls require significant human resources,” Chitow Oakes says. “But these alerts are critical and we wanted to ensure our customers could respond to them in real time.”

    Why SMS Alerts Are Better Than …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    Todd Thompson Changes the Way A Network of Auto Dealers Uses The Phone Twilio Bug Logo

    Steele Auto transforms its business with a handful of Twilio-powered apps.

    Todd Thompson’s saga begins two years ago in the back office of Steele Auto, a network of car dealerships in Nova Scotia.

    Steele Auto was doing what most car dealership do. It was marketing itself through a mix of newspaper classifieds, print inserts, billboards and online ads without knowing which ones were actually performing. It was training its sales folk with prepared materials, workshops and hands-on supervision from a general manager. And it was using an automated system to notify customers of upcoming appointments. These systems did the job, but not that well.

    Todd Thompson, who is part marketing guy, part hacker and all Canadian, knew there had to be a better way. He doesn’t recall exactly how he came across Twilio, but he does remember the “ah ha!” moment he had when he read the documentation:

    “It …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    Match.com Lets Online Daters Call or Text Message Without Revealing Their Phone Numbers Twilio Bug Logo

    The popular online dating service gives subscribers virtual phone numbers they can use to call and text potential dates.

    Match.com matchPhoneOnline dating is a competitive market. The turnover rate is inevitably high, because actually giving customers the thing that you’re selling (a meaningful connection to another person) reduces the likelihood that your happiest customers come back. So the main challenge becomes delivering an amazing experience to the user in a relatively short time.

    This challenge led match.com to look for new ways to help online daters communicate anonymously. The company found Twilio. Before Twilio, Match’s team had built telecom applications by working with a third-party vendor. After discovering Twilio, match.com found that integrating voice or text messaging features can be as easy as building a basic web application.

    Twilio’s platform enables three functions for the popular dating site:

    ● It enables potential dates to talk over the phone without giving out …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    3 ways you can leverage cloud communications to supercharge your sales Twilio Bug Logo

    The world of sales has changed dramatically over past couple of years. Leads come in from multiple sources, at all times of day, from more informed customers. With this new set of challenges, here are three key ways that your business can use cloud communications to dramatically boost lead conversions, give your sales team more information about inbound prospects and increase call efficiency.

    1. Decrease response time with automated voice and SMS notifications

    Want to turn more leads into customers? Then you need to reach them more quickly. As one study showed, the odds of successfully connecting to a lead decreases by over 10X within the 1st hour after the lead fills out an online form.

    Today’s sales force is usually spread across multiple timezones (or even continents) with a lot on their plate. It’s easy for inbound leads to get stuck in email in-boxes or in the CRM. Using …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    Tumblr and Mobile Commons Use Twilio Click to Call to Fight SOPA and ProtectIP Twilio Bug Logo

    This week, Tumblr’s team came up with an ingenious way to use click to call to alert the public to the significant dangers to a free and democratic internet posed by the SOPA and ProtectIP laws currently under consideration in Congress: For one day, Tumblr “censored” users’ Dashboards, displaying broad, grey lines across user-generated content.

    The campaign worked: Users rallied and Tumblr deftly channeled that energy into direct political action. Teaming up with Twilio customer Mobile Commons, a voice and SMS broadcasting platform for brands, Tumblr built a simple landing page describing the danger of the laws and featuring a recorded message outlining talking points on the issue.

    But this was no ordinary landing page; this one was powered by Twilio’s click to call capabilities. All you had to do to dial your state representative was type in your name, phone number and zipcode and click a button. …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    Zendesk's Adrian McDermott talks about building a virtual call center and dispels myths about phone support Twilio Bug Logo

    At the 2011 Twilio Conference, Zendesk’s AdrianMcDermott presented the Twilio-powered Zendesk Voice. Zendesk Voice uses Twilio Client to build VoIP capabilities into Zendesk’s customer support software, turning Zendesk Voice into a virtual call center. Thanks to Twilio Client’s click-to-call capabilities, a consumer can reach a support agent with a single click or call a prominently displayed phone number. Twilio Client also makes it possible for support agents to take calls directly through their web browsers or actual phones. In theory, a Zendesk Voice call center could be entirely virtual, with agents answering phone calls directly from their home PC or phone.

    The vision for Zendesk Voice partially emerged from a small anomaly that Zendesk’s support team noticed one day: After experiencing a sudden 40% increase in call volume, Zendesk’s support team was mystified – no major changes seemed to have been made. But then they noticed that their webmaster had …

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  • By Dan Kaplan
    VIDEO: Oren Jacob, entrepreneur and former Pixar CTO, talks about scaling Pixar, the crisis around Toy Story 2 and his first-hand encounters with Steve Jobs Oren Jacob

    Oren Jacob


    For those that aren’t familiar with the history, Pixar – the world-famous animation studio we all know and love – came close to total implosion because of Toy Story 2. After more than two years of production and slightly less than a year before the film was due for launch, the then-small team of animators, artists and developers decided the movie they were working on was crap.

    At that point in its life, Pixar had produced only one major hit; a single big-budget failure would destroy them. The team now had a choice: torpedo the whole company’s hopes and dreams with a movie they knew would bomb or scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. The problem? It normally takes multiple years to produce a Pixar film. They had less than 12 months.

    Oren Jacob, then an Associate Technical Director at Pixar, knew …

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