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  • By Dave Nugent
    React or Vue: What Framework Are You? With IBM Watson and Twilio Autopilot and Functions header what framework are you

    Which JavaScript framework are you: React, Vue, Angular, Ember, or Backbone? Answer this question by building an intelligent chatbot with JavaScript, IBM Watson, Twilio Functions and Autopilot, and a Naive Bayes Classifier npm module.

    This post was written with Twilio developer evangelist Lizzie Siegle for a workshop and is an adaptation of a chatbot first built on dev.to.

    Prerequisites and Setup

    To follow along with this post, you need three things:

    If you haven't already, follow this blog post to make a Watson Natural Language service, make a new Twilio Function, and then call Watson NLU from said Twilio Function. With your Twilio Function …

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