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  • By Daniel Phillips
    Verifying Phone Numbers in Ruby on Rails with Twilio's Verify API 6htvpXAFaN9DGB25bk0nOoDQcJqvbUhjC8-aRXWa6H9pBeJFdyh5V0hhzVKTYiIBmkPW976rAK-nOt_KZvceefMvI1GMonwOQvmXJ5h9raCNYEk0u8K0Zf7JTI4LIbG40iFaDzMp

    In the public-facing world of apps, verifying that users are real people can be tough. This is where phone verification really becomes an asset, helping to mitigate fraud.

    In this post, we will walk through integrating Twilio’s Verify API into a Ruby on Rails application to discover whether a user’s phone number exists, its type of line, and its carrier. We will then authenticate the user with Verify’s token verification.  

    Getting Started

    We will build a simple login action, with phone verification. This walk-through will provide basic functionality that can be ported to new or existing Ruby/Rails applications.

    At a high level, successful interactions will look something like:

    1. The user submits a phone number to the application.
    2. The phone number is verified as real, or not; and whether the phone is a mobile or a landline.
    3. If the number is a valid cell, the user is sent an authentication code. …
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  • By Daniel Phillips
    Adding Automated Speech Recognition for Phone Calls to Ruby on Rails Applications doJyHh5xFnyLIfC-eP0eI-UwOWDoRGyMjukbkeAYHUu4Fb_gjPPZOvPUropy2C0fX7326mqih6EV2Dk8ThtJgJav1_mFy3rIhvYFrMH0FIWLJdm6aNXLrsRBS2wTPJBuxyZzmF8-

    With the advent of personal digital assistants and in-home, voice-controlled gadgets, voice technologies are on the rise. Working with voice and speech recognition technologies is a crucial skill to have, not just in emergent technologies, but also in robust, existing applications. In this tutorial, we will build an implementation of Twilio’s Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) service in a simple Ruby on Rails Application, in hopes of you being able to see the wide-reaching possibilities for other implementations in your own projects.

    In this tutorial, we will build a simple “Feedback Service” that receives, responds to, and stores voice messages from user phone calls—using speech recognition—and then displays them for review at a later time.

    Getting Started with Our Rails App

    For this walk-through, we’ll be using Ruby 2.5.0, best installed and managed using either rvm or rbenv. Also, we will use PostgreSQL for storage and Bundler for package management. …

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