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  • By Erin Kelly
    Providing Humanitarian Assistance Without Delay Humanitarian Assistance Quickly Hero

    Since the start of the war in Ukraine, more than 8 million people have fled their homes. Each of these people have unique, personal needs that humanitarian organizations are working to address as their lives are turned upside down.

    Supporting so many people with different situations at once can be very difficult, especially in conflict zones. But we know from our humanitarian partners that when people are displaced from their homes, because of war, natural disasters, or other catastrophic events, cash helps people withstand the initial shocks and departure. When aid organizations provide financial assistance – including through electronic transfers or cash vouchers – they put money directly into the hands of those experiencing crisis. This way, people can decide how and where to use the support, whether it’s on clothes for their children, medicine for themselves or a family member, or food and water.

    In some settings, cash transfer …

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