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  • By Onwuka Gideon
    How to Create a Vue.js Group Chat App in PHP with Symfony vue-js-group-chat-app-symfony.png

    If you have an app or products where users need to communicate with one another, adding a real-time means of communication will greatly increase customer satisfaction, and as a result, makes your business more credible.

    In this tutorial, I will walk you through how you can easily add chat to your Symfony and Vue.js application using the Twilio Programmable Chat API. We'll build a group chat where every user can converse in the same channel.

    Here is a preview of what we’ll be building:

    preview of chatx


    This tutorial uses the following:

    To follow along with this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of the PHP language. Knowledge of the Symfony framework is not entirely required.

    I will assume you have some …

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  • By Onwuka Gideon
    Build a Video Chat App with JavaScript, Vue.js and Programmable Video WOjvA69uQixmylNTlqDapeWEHZeOiXq4JCtg7qoz9B5OygXpx-6M8syXDdyvrlDbLdCBSG-SFEyICyeGN56W8Vv1Ap8k3hPTu6jM5iwl1IxH6mqaKyvrwITKBqsrXVNgPtqSYEza

    Vue.js is a powerful and approachable JavaScript framework that focuses on building user interfaces. One of the reasons why I like Vue is because it is easily adoptable. In this article, I will show you how to build a video chat application using Vue.js and Twilio Programmable Video. In the app, the participants will provide a username to get access to the chat app, then join a room (on the left of the screenshot below) to start chatting.

    Here is a preview of what we'll be building:


    Basic knowledge of the following will be useful, but extensive knowledge is not required:

    Before you continue, make sure you have Node.js installed on your system.

    Getting Your Twilio API Keys

    The first step to using Twilio Programmable Video chat is to get an access token. Twilio will generate a token using your API …

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  • By Onwuka Gideon
    Add Twilio Programmable Chat to a Java Struts 2 Web App bridge_struts

    The need for real-time chat can’t be overemphasized. Real-time communication with your users increases customer satisfaction, and as a result, makes your business more credible.

    In this article, I’ll walk you through setting up a Java Struts 2 application. Then we’ll add real-time chat to the application by leveraging Twilio Programmable Chat.

    By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have built an application similar to this:

    Java Struts 2 Adding Twilio Chat

    Software Requirements

    The following are used in this post:

    • Java SDK– Download and install the  Java SDK from Oracle’s site, if you don’t have it already. (I’m using version 9.0.1)
    • Eclipse IDE – Download and install Eclipse from their website. (I’m using Oxygen.1a Release …
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  • By Onwuka Gideon
    How to Receive SMS in WordPress with a PHP Plugin SMS, WordPress and PHP logos.

    In this tutorial, we’ll walk through on how to set up receiving SMS in WordPress with a PHP plugin. When the plugin is installed you will be able to respond to SMS and handle two-way messaging in your WordPress sites.


    Our two-way messaging project

    When you send out SMS to your users, there is a chance that some users might reply to your SMS. When a user replies, the message is received by your Twilio number, Twilio will make an HTTP request to the message URL confi …

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  • By Onwuka Gideon
    How to Send SMS in WordPress with a PHP Plugin wordpress-php-plugin

    Writers want to stay in touch with their readers. Sending bulk SMS is a great tool to have in your toolbelt. Let’s build a WordPress plugin in PHP so you can send text messages to readers about topics they care about.

    WordPress Plugins

    Plugins let you extend and add functionality to your WordPress site. Since we are adding an entirely new function to WordPress, we have to use a plugin to achieve this.

    First, we need to install WordPress if you haven’t already. You can download and install one locally by following the installation instructions here. I have my WordPress installation path as localhost/sendex/. I’ll be using it as my reference all throughout this tutorial.

    Once you are done with the installation, log into your WordPress admin dashboard. This is where we will be working from now on. The admin dashboard should be localhost/sendex/wp-admin assuming you used the …

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