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  • By Greg Schwartz
    Build a Google Analytics Slack Bot with Python analytics_splash_screen

    Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. All of the members of your team can see everything from which sources your web traffic comes from to what demographics frequent your site. There’s just one problem:

    Nobody is willing to go to the Google Analytics site and look!

    If these features aren’t used they may as well not exist. So, to give teammates easier access you can make a custom Slackbot to display Google Analytics.

    What you’ll need to build the Analytics bot

    • Make sure that your starterbot.py file looks just like this one. In this tutorial most of the changes we make will be to its handle_command() function.
    • A Google Analytics account connected to your site and permission on it to manage users. This is free until you exceed 10 million hits a month.
    • The numpy, statsmodels, matplotlib, slackclient, …
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