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  • By Ismael Hernández Muñoz
    How to Run a Canary Analysis with Kayenta header - How to Run a Canary Analysis with Kayenta

    A Canary Deployment is a deployment technique to reduce the risk of deploying a new version of an application or service into production. The new version, referred to as the canary, is first rolled out to a small subset of users.

    The application is monitored for errors or other anomalies that may have been introduced by the new software version. If none are detected, then the new version can be rolled out to the entire infrastructure and made available to everybody. This process is explained with the diagram below:

    diagram demonstrating the differences between software versions for two test groups

    However, the monitoring required to determine whether a new release can be rolled out to everybody can be difficult. To make sure the new changes do not introduce any issues, developers must analyze metrics such as system resource usage, latency, or application errors.

    Metrics produced by the canary version are compared to the previous version to find any significant differences between …

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