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  • By John Sheehan
    Introducing Status Callback for Caller ID Verification Calls Twilio Bug Logo

    Today we’re happy to announce the release of a small and useful feature: status callbacks for caller ID verification calls. This allows your application be notified when a verification call succeeds or fails so you can notify your users without having to poll the REST API.

    To use this new feature, make a POST request to the OutgoingCallerIds list resource and optionally include a StatusCallback parameter to indicate where you would like to be notified when the call ends. You can also choose the HTTP method to use with the StatusCallbackMethod parameter. For example:

    POST /2010-04-01/Accounts/AC12345/OutgoingCallerIds
    FriendlyName=Jenny's Cell
    Stat …
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  • By John Sheehan
    Epic October Twilio Events Recap Twilio Bug Logo

    Hackathons, conferences, code camps, meetups and more, October 2011 had it all. Twilio was proud to take part in so many amazing events, from San Francisco to Indiana to New York to Miami. And for the first time, Twilio was thrilled to jump into new communities across the ocean in the UK and Ireland.

    Here’s a recap of some of the events we were a part of. We’ve got a big November planned too; hopefully see you out at an event soon!

    Day Camp 4 Developers (October 1st, online)

    The first event of the month was the online Day Camp 4 Developers hosted by Cal Evans. This time around it was focused on Project Management with a special eye towards what we as developers need to know and use on a day to day basis. We covered concepts ranging from project management tactics to team psychology. The next DC4D …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Using Siri with Twilio For Home Automation Twilio Bug Logo

    Christopher Deutsch of MakeRocketGoNowChristopher Deutsch is a web developer and the owner of MakeRocketGoNow, a Minneapolis-based software development company specializing in web and mobile applications.

    I’ve created a Twilio, Node.js mash up that allows me to control appliances and the thermostat in my house using the iPhone 4S’s Siri voice recognition.

    Here’s a demo of turning on my bedroom fan.

    How does this work? From Siri to the end result the chain goes:

    1. Siri
    2. Twilio SMS number
    3. Node web application
    4. Indigo Web Server
    5. Insteon thermostat/appliance

    Let’s go through the setup in reverse order in more detail.

    Insteon and Indigo

    I purchased the following items last year from Amazon to add some basic home automation to my …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Using the Twilio REST API in Windows 8 Metro-style applications Twilio Bug Logo

    For our current developer contest, we’ve challenged you to integrate Twilio into a Metro-styled Windows 8 application. To help you get started, we’ve put together a simple example that shows how to use the new HttpClient in .NET 4.5 to send a text message from within your app.

    What about twilio-csharp?

    WinRT uses a subset of .NET Framework 4.5 that doesn’t include some of the dependencies our current twilio-csharp library requires. Because of this you are not able to use it within a Metro-style Windows 8 app. We’re working on adding support for Metro-style apps in a future release but for now, we’ll use the new System.Net.Http namespace and classes to make our requests to the Twilio REST API.

    Getting Started

    The heart of our request revolves around System.Net.Http.HttpClient, a new and improved replacement for HttpWebRequest with a simple API and full async support. In the example below we’ll …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Twilio Client: Presence for Everyone! Twilio Bug Logo

    Less than two months ago, Twilio introduced Twilio Client, a set of SDKs that enable developers to build VoIP into their web and mobile apps with a few lines of code. Today, we are launching a major update to Twilio Client with the Presence API. As its name suggests, Presence lets you add presence-awareness to your Twilio Client application. With Presence, your app gets notified when users and/or devices come online and go offline.

    Traditionally, Presence functionality has been complex to implement, varied in formats, and required pushing large amounts of data to the client. But Twilio’s Presence API enables you to integrate presence information with a single method: to begin using it, …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Hack Night at Twilio Conference: Code, Prizes and Fun Twilio Bug Logo

    At Twilio, we don’t just love hackathons. We live for them. Nothing is more exciting than watching new projects take flight while developers feverishly pour out their ideas into code. For Twilio Conference we’ve put together an entire evening of hacking festivities with a slew of great prizes for the best hacks. Hack Night isn’t just for hackers though, if you just want to come hang out, play some Sega or SNES games, have a beer and some pizza we’ve got space for you too.

    The Rules

    1. Build something awesome using a Twilio API, or any product or API from one of our hack night sponsors.
    2. Submit by 11:59pm PT. Finalists will be notified by email by 9am Thursday.
    3. Must be present on Thursday to win. Selected entries will be given time to present to the entire conference on Thursday afternoon. You will be notified by 9am Thursday if you …
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  • By John Sheehan
    Twilio and Windows 8: Your Ticket to a Samsung Tablet Twilio Bug Logo

    Last week in Anaheim Microsoft launched the next generation of Windows-based desktop and tablet applications with the introduction of Windows 8, Metro and Windows Runtime. The fortunate Windows developers in attendance received a Samsung Windows 8 tablet computer to start building their apps on. We thought about it and decided that instead of keeping the one we received for ourselves, it would be way more fun to give it to a member of the Twilio developer community!

    Here’s what’s at stake for this contest:

    Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview Tablet PC

    • A second generation Intel Core i5 processor
    • An 11.6-inch 1,366 x 768 Samsung Super PLS multitouch display
    • A 64GB SSD
    • 4GB of RAM
    • A dock with a USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports
    • Bluetooth keyboard included
    • 1-year of AT&T 3G Data Service (2gb/month)
    • Windows 8 Developer Preview preinstalled

    The Contest

    So what do you have to do win this brand …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Announcing New Official Twilio Helper Libraries for PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET and Java Twilio Bug Logo

    Today we’re proud to announce the availability of our revamped Twilio helper libraries for PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET and Java. Each of the libraries was written by a Twilio developer familiar with the language and framework of each respective library. As always, all of the libraries are open source and available on GitHub where they will be actively maintained and improved.


    In addition to new official libraries, we also wanted to call out the amazing contributions we get from our community. On the newly-redesigned Helper Libraries page, we now list community-contributed libraries right along side our own. You’ll find great libraries like node-twilio, Twilio Server Library, twilio-rb, djan …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Twilio Partners with oDesk to Connect Developers and Projects Twilio Bug Logo

    Today we’re excited to announce that Twilio has partnered with oDesk, the largest and fastest-growing online employment platform, to make it easier than ever for members of the Twilio developer community to find contract software development work. As part of the partnership, we’ve created an official Twilio oDesk group that brings together project owners with our community of more than 40,000 developers to build Twilio-powered applications and integrations.

    Project Owners: Find Experienced Twilio Developers

    By posting a job to the oDesk group, you can reach developers with the experience and technical skills to work with you on your Twilio-powered applications. You can partner with exac …

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  • By John Sheehan
    Introducing Twilio Applications: An Easier Way to Manage Phone Numbers Twilio Bug Logo

    Today we’re excited to announce a new feature for Twilio developers: the ability to create and assign a Twilio Application to a phone number instead of a URL. When you log into Twilio.com you’ll see a new tab in your account dashboard called “Apps” where you can create and manage your applications. Applications make it easy to change voice and SMS URLs and other settings across many phone numbers in a single place. In addition to an updated dashboard, we’ve added complete REST API support for managing your apps from your code.

    Configure Multiple Numbers with a Single Application

    If you’re like many Twilio customers, you might have hundreds or thousands of phone numbers pointing to the exact same set of URLs. When updating the settings for a large set of numbers you would need to update each one individually in the Twilio.com account dashboard, or write a script to …

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