Introducing Status Callback for Caller ID Verification Calls

Today we’re happy to announce the release of a small and useful feature: status callbacks for caller ID verification calls. This allows your application be…Full Article

Epic October Twilio Events Recap

Hackathons, conferences, code camps, meetups and more, October 2011 had it all. Twilio was proud to take part in so many amazing events, from San…Full Article

Using Siri with Twilio For Home Automation

Christopher Deutsch is a web developer and the owner of MakeRocketGoNow, a Minneapolis-based software development company specializing in web and mobile applications.  I’ve created a…Full Article

Using the Twilio REST API in Windows 8 Metro-style applications

For our current developer contest, we’ve challenged you to integrate Twilio into a Metro-styled Windows 8 application. To help you get started, we’ve put together…Full Article

Twilio Client: Presence for Everyone!

Less than two months ago, Twilio introduced Twilio Client, a set of SDKs that enable developers to build VoIP into their web and mobile apps…Full Article

Hack Night at Twilio Conference: Code, Prizes and Fun

At Twilio, we don’t just love hackathons. We live for them. Nothing is more exciting than watching new projects take flight while developers feverishly pour…Full Article

Twilio and Windows 8: Your Ticket to a Samsung Tablet

Last week in Anaheim Microsoft launched the next generation of Windows-based desktop and tablet applications with the introduction of Windows 8, Metro and Windows Runtime.…Full Article

Announcing New Official Twilio Helper Libraries for PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET and Java

Today we’re proud to announce the availability of our revamped Twilio helper libraries for PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET and Java. Each of the libraries was…Full Article

Twilio Partners with oDesk to Connect Developers and Projects

Today we’re excited to announce that Twilio has partnered with oDesk, the largest and fastest-growing online employment platform, to make it easier than ever for members…Full Article

Introducing Twilio Applications: An Easier Way to Manage Phone Numbers

Today we’re excited to announce a new feature for Twilio developers: the ability to create and assign a Twilio Application to a phone number instead…Full Article

LessConf 2011: A Conference for DOers

It takes about 2 minutes at LessConf to know you’re not attending your run of the mill conference. From the live music intermissions to the…Full Article

Join Twilio in Atlanta this Weekend for LessConf 2011

This Friday and Saturday we’ll be attending LessConf 2011 in Atlanta, GA. If you’re unfamiliar with the event, LessConf is a different kind of conference.…Full Article

How to Build a Raffle App Using Twilio, WebMatrix and AppHarbor

I spent most of last week at MIX11, one of Microsoft’s big developer conferences. As part of the week’s festivities I was able to showcase…Full Article

Shotput Reaches Startup Bus Finals at SXSW

Last week I hopped on a bus in Minneapolis that had left from Chicago earlier that day and was on its way to Austin, TX…Full Article

Intro to Building Twilio Apps with ASP.NET MVC

UPDATE Since this post was originally published we’ve released updated Twilio helper libraries for .NET that simplify the TwiML generation process. You can install the…Full Article

Using Twilio with Node.js by Dusty Candland of Red27 Consulting

Dusty Candland is the founder of Red27 Consulting in Denver, CO. Recently Dusty was working on an app called that uses Node.js with Twilio.…Full Article

Upcoming Events Twilio Will Be Speaking At

We have a bevy of events coming up so I wanted to highlight some of the talks and sessions some of the Twilio team will…Full Article

Use AppHarbor to Power Your Twilio App and You Could Win a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

git push appharbor master. That’s how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that’s revolutionizing how easy it is to…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Use Twilio + AppHarbor For Chance to Win Samsung Focus

git push appharbor master. That's how easy it is to deploy your apps to AppHarbor, a new company that's revolutionizing how easy it is to…Full Article

Roger Pincombe Combines Twilio SMS with DailyBurn to Win Trip To Boston!

Sometimes the most powerful ideas are also the simplest. Roger Pincombe had such an idea. Using DailyBurn‘s database of nutrition facts for over 475,000 food…Full Article

Billy Chasen Wins Anything Goes Contest with SMS-controlled Door Lock!

We’ve seen people use Twilio to build SMS applications that integrate with door buzzer systems to send the right touchtones to let people through locked…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Organizing People with Twilio (Ends Jan 30)

The category for this week's Twilio Developer Contest is Coordinating People. This category is near and dear to me personally as it was the contest…Full Article

Use Twilio to Coordinate People for a Chance to Win a Kindle

UPDATE: We heard from many of you that the late start to this contest didn’t give you enough time to create an entry. We’ve decided…Full Article

Cloudstock Session Videos Now Available

The session videos from Cloudstock have been posted on their site. Here are the videos of the Twilio sessions. Making Money with SaaS Jeff Lawson,…Full Article

TechStars + Twilio Rolls On, A Couple Ideas To Get You Started

Our TechStars + Twilio “Two for One” contest enters its second week and we’ve already started to see some great integrations being built. Here are…Full Article

Announcing the Twilio Developer Connect Mailing List

We’ve seen an influx in Twilio-related consulting and job opportunities come through our inboxes lately. To help facilitate connecting developers to these opportunities, we’ve created…Full Article

NthCaller by Tim Lytle Wins Twilio "Push" Developer Contest!

Everyone has heard radio call in contests where the 10th caller wins a new CD (remember those?) or concert tickets to see Justin Bieber. Some…Full Article

Meet a VC: Win a Trip to Boston to Meet with TechStars Mentors

With the new year upon us, many developers are undertaking new startup projects. It’s at this critical early stage in development where the right guidance…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Build a Twilio + TechStars App for a Chance to Meet a VC in Boston (Ends Jan 16)

For this contest, we're looking for a promising startup or app that uses Twilio along with any API or service provided by a TechStars company.…Full Article

Kynetx Keeps Rocking the Twilio Apps

We’ve previously written about Kynetx during the Twilio + Kynetx contest which was won by Julian Gay. For those that are unfamiliar, Kynetx is a…Full Article

Anything Goes for the Last Twilio Developer Contest of 2010

We’ve had so many great contest entries this year, we wanted to open things up and finish the year right. For this developer contest, the…Full Article

Jonathan Gottfried and Adam Purkiss Are The Latest Twilio Developer Contest Winners

Here are the winners for our recently-completed holiday and Salesforce developer contests. Congratulations to both Jonathan Gottfried and Adam Purkiss for their great entries! Holiday…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Anything Goes (Ends January 2nd)

We've had so many great contest entries this year, we wanted to open things up and finish the year right. For this developer contest, the…Full Article

Social Roots Uses Twilio To Offer Free Calling as Incentive to Users

Kunal Batra is a co-founder of Social Roots, a rate and review site for Indians in the USA. Social Roots recently created a calling card…Full Article

New C++ Twilio API Wrapper by Laurent Luce

One of the great things about REST is that all you need to know to use it is how to speak HTTP. It is the…Full Article

New Developer Contest: Twilio + Push (Ends Dec 19)

There's been a lot of momentum lately around so-called "push" technologies. HTML5 and WebSockets are starting to gain steam. Modern mobile operating systems have powerful…Full Article

Get Pushy with Twilio to Win This Week's Developer Contest

There’s been a lot of momentum lately around so-called “push” technologies. HTML5 and WebSockets are starting to gain steam. Modern mobile operating systems have powerful…Full Article

SMS Contest Runners Up: Gourmious and Pushr

A couple weeks ago we had an SMS contest that was won by Traffic Amigo. We also selected two runners up for the contest that…Full Article

New Developer Contest Category: Twilio + Salesforce (Ends Dec 12)

For this week's contest you too can build a Twilio app that integrates with Salesforce for a chance to win some great prizes. Check out…Full Article

Integrate Twilio with Salesforce for This Week's Developer Contest

We’re kicking off Dreamforce today in San Francisco with Cloudstock, the (sold out) Woodstock for Cloud Developers. We’ll be in attendance giving talks and hanging…Full Article

Daniel McOrmond wins Twilio SMS Contest with Traffic Amigo!

Traffic Amigo is a simple service that sends you scheduled traffic accident updates via SMS. It was created by Daniel McOrmond and has won the…Full Article uses Twilio to win StartupWeekend Twin Cities

At Startup Weekend Twin Cities in November, Eric Brandes and his team developed a new take on online dating and were selected as the winner…Full Article

'Tis the Season for Twilio Apps With This Week's Developer Contest

Now that the holiday season has kicked off we want to see your best holiday-inspired Twilio apps. How could you use voice or SMS to…Full Article

Join Us For the Official Cloudstock After Party at Twilio HQ

We’re so excited for Cloudstock that we wanted to make it last into the night. To make that happen, we’re pleased to announce that Twilio…Full Article

Aaron Frank wins Twilio + Python Contest with Fake Twilio API

Fake Twilio API is a simple concept: allow someone to test their application on a version of the Twilio API for free. It also enables…Full Article

Load Up the Bus and Join Twilio at Cloudstock, the Woodstock for Cloud Developers

We’re very excited to be taking part of a great new event called Cloudstock. Cloudstock is the “Woodstock for Cloud Developers” and is hosted by…Full Article

New Twilio Developer Contest Category: SMS (Ends Nov 28)

To celebrate yesterday’s SMS price drop from $.03 per message to $.02 per message, the developer contest category for this week is, simply, SMS. We’re…Full Article

Super Startup Weekend Ends on High Note In Chicago

I arrived in Chicago late Sunday afternoon just as teams were wrapping up and demos were about to begin. The event was hosted at the…Full Article

Super Startup Weekend Part 3: Indianapolis Raises the Bar for All Startup Weekends

I arrived at the Purdue Research Center in Indianapolis a little weary from my travels but was instantly reinvigorated by Lorraine Ball whose infectious enthusiasm…Full Article

Super Startup Weekend Makes a Stop In Cleveland

This is part two in a series of posts about my adventures on a Super Startup Weekend. You can read part one (Detroit) here. I…Full Article