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  • By Justin Pirie
    Synergy Proves to Be the Correct Medicine for After-Hours Healthcare Service Dial-A-Doctor Dial-A-Doctor Flex Contact Contact Center Agent Screen

    Anyone who’s had a sick child up during the night or an elderly parent who needs care just as your doctor is closing, you know that illness doesn’t wait for business hours.

    After-hours medical services Dial-A-Doctor Australia plays an essential role in caring for people outside of business hours. And to do this vital work, we need reliable and intuitive technology to support our busy agents.

    We knew that to transition into the digital age we need to move from our current PTSN-based fixed-line Contact Center. Initially, we chose a VoIP system, but it soon proved to be inadequate. After switching over to VoIP, we experienced poor-quality calls, callers not hearing the agent, and calls dropping out halfway through a conversation. Worst of all, we had one instance of a second caller dropping into a very private conversation between agent and patient.

    When I came across Twilio Flex, I …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Loveholidays se sert de Twilio Flex pour améliorer la productivité de ses agents de 20% ! loveholidays banner

    loveholidays est l'une des agences de voyage en ligne du Royaume-Uni qui connaît la croissance la plus rapide. Elle propose des forfaits vacances personnalisés aux familles, aux couples et aux amis. Avec l’arrivée de l'épidémie de COVID-19, il va sans dire que l'industrie du voyage a connu un chamboulement monumental au niveau mondial.

    Depuis le début de la pandémie, les agences de voyage comme loveholidays ont été contraintes de réorienter leurs agents du service clientèle des réservations vers celui des annulations. Un nombre record de demandes a été reçu de la part de clients inquiets, alors que les règles de distanciation sociale nécessitent que les agents du centre de contact travaillent à distance.

    loveholidays avait besoin de mettre à jour sa solution sur site vers une plateforme basée sur le cloud afin que ses agents puissent travailler à domicile.

    Le choix de Twilio Flex a permis de …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Announcing the 2021 Build Partner Program Year Twilio Build Partner Program Logo

    Each calendar year, we take the opportunity to upgrade the Twilio Build Partner Program, the program at Twilio that helps partners grow their customer engagement business with Twilio. For the uninitiated, Twilio Build consists of Technology Partners, companies that incorporate Twilio into their solutions, and Consulting Partners, companies that build solutions for customers.

    Consulting Partner Program

    For the 2021 Consulting Partner Program year, we are rolling out new tiers and benefits to enable partners to grow their businesses with Twilio. We are introducing a new Registered tier that enables partners to easily get started on their journey with Twilio.

    2021 Consulting Partner Program Tier Benefits

    Certification & Revenue Requirements for 2021

    As partners increase their skills and commitment to Twilio, the program tiers reflect that growth to the market. For 2021 we have expanded our Build certification requirements and introduced a new sales certification offering.

    There is a new revenue requirement for the Bronze tier of …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Connecting to Extraordinary Young People, Everywhere in the World Schmidt Futures Rise Header

    To create a positive and sustainable society for the future we need to find and empower the leaders of tomorrow from every corner of the world.

    That’s more easily said than done.

    Young people, especially those from underserved communities, face huge obstacles to make the same progress as those from more affluent societies, even just finding and communicating with them is fraught with challenges.

    That’s the challenge that Schmidt Futures, in partnership with The Rhodes Trust, is tackling with the launch of Rise.

    Rise seeks to identify talented young people, aged 15 to 17, from around the world who show enormous potential and provide them with a lifetime of personalized support —including scholarships, mentorship, career services, and …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Qunomedical Medical Marketplace uses Twilio Flex to Innovate with C20Y Qunomedical website on iPhone

    Qunomedical is a medical treatment marketplace, connecting patients to doctors for in-person treatments, regardless of location. It provides patients access to high-quality healthcare from over 1000 doctors, both at home and abroad, facilitating over 10,000 procedures each month.

    Channel Challenges

    Being highly distributed, great communication is essential. Unfortunately, Qunomedical’s previous system didn’t cater to their exact needs, a story that’s familiar to many companies. They rely on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and voice calls to communicate with their customers yet their systems didn’t talk to each other meaning they couldn’t centralize data about customers. Their VoIP system was brittle and undocumented meaning they couldn’t update features or call plans.

    WhatsApp is incredibly important in Europe for cross country communication and they had resorted to using multiple phone numbers and the web interface as a workaround, which resulted in very poor documentation of the customer conversation because their system didn’t have a …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    loveholidays uses Twilio Flex to Improve Agent Productivity by 20% loveholidays logo

    loveholidays is one of the UK’s fastest growing online travel agencies, offering custom package holidays to families, couples and friends. It goes without saying the COVID outbreak has caused monumental upheaval within the travel industry globally.

    For over 4 months, travel agencies like loveholidays have been forced to refocus their customer service agents from bookings onto cancellations. Record numbers of queries have been coming in from anxious customers, all while social distancing rules necessitate a remote working contact center model.

    loveholidays needed to update their on-premise solution to a cloud-based platform so that their agents could work from home. Selecting Twilio Flex provided an immediate fix to their most immediate obstacle of getting loveholidays agents up and running remotely. But remote working was just table-stakes for loveholidays, they chose Twilio Flex because it’s natively an omnichannel platform on which to get up and running quickly and keep on innovating for …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Safe to Serve - How Zing are helping UK Hospitality to Reopen The Fontmell Pub Dorset

    Like many countries, the UK is reopening its hospitality sector after the COVID-19 lockdown. To support the NHS Test and Trace service, hospitality businesses are now expected to capture the name, contact number and arrival time of all customers – and keep a secure record of this for 21 days.

    Many establishments are doing this the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. It’s obvious that this method is rife with issues, notably hygiene and security of personal information. I for one don’t want my personal information to be sat out on a piece of paper for hours on end. On top of that, how can you guarantee that people will give real or accurate information?Safe 2 serve app

    Many Twilio customers have found people using their phone to sign up for services can dramatically cut down on incorrect details. In this case, it could literally be life and death.

    Twilio Consulting …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Expanding the Twilio Build Partner Program with Twilio Professional Services and New Lightning Packages Twilio PS Team

    Today Twilio is delighted to announce a significant update to the Twilio Build Partner Program. First, we’re introducing Twilio Professional Services, working with our Twilio Build Consulting Partners to help customers architect and deploy Twilio solutions with confidence. Second, we’re launching Lightning Packages, a set of pre-defined consulting offerings that combine a structured delivery plan with existing IP to deliver value faster. With the help of Twilio Professional Services working alongside Twilio Consulting Partners, now every company has access to the tools, resources, and expertise to build next-generation customer engagement.

    For many organizations, the best customer engagement experiences are built, not bought, and to do that every organization needs to write software. However, not everyone has the skills and resources available to get started building. Twilio Professional Services and Consulting Partners are here to solve these challenges, providing resources to get your projects started today. Together, we’re levelling the playing …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Flex Boost: Accelerate Curbside Pickups with Flex & SMS from Perficient Flex Boost Header

    Following on from the brilliant Engage Everywhere Event with Angela Ahrendts, it’s clear that consumer preferences have changed, and to be successful, we need to now build for the new normal as it’s likely to be around for quite a while. One of those new normal behaviors we’ve collectively developed is to reduce contact as much as possible, in order to reduce exposure and risk.

    Interacting outdoors significantly reduces transmission risks to both employees and customers, making curbside pickup a perfect solution for many retailers. It’s also more convenient for customers, saving them time, and it’s a habit likely to stick for many years to come as it was already growing fast.

    Twilio has been powering curbside pickup for major retailers for many years such as Bass Pro Shops and Joann Fabrics and Crafts, but if you don’t have an initiative already underway, what are some best practices you can …

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  • By Justin Pirie
    Ciptex RACE – Fast Track to a Twilio Flex based, API-first contact centre Ciptex_RACE.png

    This is a second in the series of posts about how companies are transforming their businesses using Twilio Flex to create products, you can find the first on Synergy Fusion here.

    Fast Access to Flex

    Ciptex RACE was born out of the need to help organisations quickly move to a home working solution and specifically developed to deliver a world-class cloud-based contact centre solution within minutes not months.

    Ciptex built an online signup and setup process that enables customers to customize Twilio Flex to their needs in minutes. The RACE Marketplace provides plugins which offer access to tried and tested integrations to third-party applications, such as CRM platforms, card payment solutions and Workforce Management applications. Ciptex provides advice, consultancy and DevOps engineers if required to extend and tailor the solution, further unlocking value from Twilio Flex.

    For Ciptex, Twilio Flex is a cloud contact center that gives organizations unprecedented …

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