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  • By Jessy Sweet
    Twilio Event Streams、パブリックベータ開始のご案内 Event Streams Public Beta JP



    Twilio Event Streams機能のパブリックベータ版をリリースいたしました。Event Streams APIにより、データストリーミングの最新技術を活用し、統合された形のTwilioデータをお客様のインフラストラクチャに直接取り込むことができます。データの取り込みに要する時間を短縮でき、その分のエネルギーや時間をデータをどのように生かすかに使っていただくことができます。




    TwilioのEvent Streamsは、これらの煩雑な業務を必要としません。今回、Event StreamsによりTwilioのアーキテクチャを再構築し、それによりお客様は、Twilioのプラットフォームで送受信されるあらゆるデータを統合された形 …

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  • By Jessy Sweet
    Announcing Twilio Event Streams Public Beta Event Streams Public Beta

    One integration for all your Twilio data

    We’re excited to announce that Event Streams has entered public beta. With the Event Streams API, you can use modern data streaming technology to consume unified streams of Twilio data directly into your infrastructure, so you can spend less time wrangling data and more time building with data.

    Having the right data architecture is more crucial than ever

    Data has always been the backbone of business. In order for your teams—whether operations, marketing, or support—to do their jobs effectively, they need to deeply understand how your customers interact with your organization. With the COVID-19 pandemic driving explosive digital growth in 2020 across all industries, organizations have more data than ever about their customers. Why is it so difficult to use this influx of data to improve your customer engagement experiences?

    Developers everywhere, tasked with consolidating all of the touch points they have …

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  • By Jessy Sweet
    Stream Twilio Data to a Webhook with Event Streams Event Streams Webhook Sink Available

    At SIGNAL 2020, we announced the Event Streams beta. Event Streams is an API that allows you to configure centralized streams of event data directly into your infrastructure—starting with Amazon Kinesis—so that your data is easily accessible, automatically interpretable and reliable for informed decision-making.

    We are proud to announce that Event Streams now supports data delivery to a webhook sink type. This means that customers can access the same powerful features of Event Streams—a single integration point for all Twilio data, at-least once delivery with retries for 24 hours, unified data format with consistent metadata, and support for delivery to multiple sinks—regardless of the streaming infrastructure they may be using.

    Why did we build a webhook sink?

    We built the webhook sink type for customers who:

    1. Aren’t using any streaming solutions like AWS Kinesis. Such customers can now easily transition to Event Streams and reap its benefits without making architectural …
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  • By Jessy Sweet
    Build a Single Integration for All Your Twilio Data with Event Streams Event Streams Launch Banner

    At the heart of customer engagement, Twilio is radically simplifying how developers can tap into every customer interaction sent or received on our platform with a new API: Event Streams.

    With Event Streams, you can consume configurable, centralized streams of data (starting with Messaging, Voice, Super SIM, and TaskRouter events, with all events coming soon) into the system of your choice. At launch, we’re starting with Amazon Kinesis – with more sinks coming soon.

    Why did we build Event Streams?

    In the last 12 months, the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform has powered nearly one trillion human interactions across all major channels. Humans are generating a massive quantity of digital data — giving you the unprecedented opportunity to better understand and serve your customers.

    However, reliably accessing and tying all of this data together to build a holistic view of what's happening is no small feat. The data that is …

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