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  • By Johanna Weintraub
    Designing a Console That Matches the Customer Journey Designing a Console that matches the customer journey

    A little history...

    As a Twilio customer, you’ve probably seen our rapid development of many new products. Even if you don’t follow our product release announcements religiously, you’re bound to have seen the growing product menu in the Console. When the Console was launched in 2016, there were a handful of products. Now there are dozens, including everything from raw APIs through fully programmable applications, plus a suite of developer tools.

    In order to scale quickly, the Console was intentionally architected to enable many small product teams to ship their frontend experiences autonomously. This strategy, while optimal for rapid growth, came with some UX tradeoffs. Having no centralized governance of the Console led to a lot of inconsistency and duplication across products. Our customers felt the pain of this as they built more multi-channel Twilio applications and were moving between different parts of the Console.

    To address the confusion our …

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