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  • By Kelsey Bernius
    Developer Spotlight: Bill Edwards Blog Header banner_DE (2).png

    Computational fluid dynamics and fighter jets. Bill Edwards’ path to becoming Head of Technology at a small healthcare startup didn’t follow a traditional path. Although this seems to be a trend with the modern developer (what is a *traditional* path anymore?), Bill’s path seems especially unique.

    While studying mechanical engineering at the University of Edinburgh in the U.K., he discovered a passion for great software behind systems, and how it can help solve sticky problems. After completing his mechanical engineering program, he switched gears and dove into a PhD in computational fluid dynamics (the study of using computers to study fluid behavior). He focused on studying and writing algorithms that would solve fluid dynamic problems.

    “It was a pretty big leap and tough transition,” says Bill. “But I’m so glad I did make the switch. The math is annoying to figure out so in this case, you let the computer …

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  • By Kelsey Bernius
    Developer Spotlight: Bryan Moran Blog Header banner_DE.png

    Computers and technology captivated Bryan Moran at a young age. He built his first computer in 6th grade, in part, because it’s helped him with his dysgraphia (he couldn’t read his handwriting making homework and in-class tasks challenging). But his interest became more than just a hobby even though he balks a bit if you try to call him a developer.

    “I love, love, love technology, and especially the open-source community, but I’m a terrible coder,” jokes Bryan.

    Glimpsing into Bryan’s home office setup during our interview would suggest otherwise. Three enormous monitors nearly span the length of his desk and, while he may not be a coder by the strictest definition, he could certainly play on TV.

    IRL, Bryan is the Director of Developer Operations at City Harvest, an organization that rescues millions of pounds of soon-to-be food waste and redistributes it to food pantries around New York …

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