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  • By Karen Chou
    Building a Next-Generation Virtual Care Platform: A Step-By-Step Guide HLS Virtual Care White Paper thumbnail_v2.png

    Click here to read the white paper for a more detailed treatment of the technologies mentioned in this post, along with a comprehensive listing of resources to help you get started.

    With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting in-person interaction, healthcare providers turned to makeshift solutions to facilitate telehealth patient visits. During Q1 2020, the number of telehealth visits increased by 50% compared to the previous quarter. That number continues to rise.

    Yet, the patients’ and providers’ experience with many telehealth platforms has been less than ideal. Additionally, general-purpose, video-conferencing solutions—not built specifically for use in virtual care or integration into healthcare workflows—are insufficient.

    Virtual care, however, is here to stay. This is why it is critical for providers to have in place a solid digital engagement platform to keep up with patient demand and maintain loyalty.

    Why is building your own telehealth platform important?

    As the global telemedicine market will …

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