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  • By Katie Kippenbrock
    Automate and Optimize Healthcare Appointment Outreach Using Twilio Appointment Management with EHR Integration Quick Deploy App.png

    A new Quick Deploy app is now available for healthcare provider organizations! The app packs together the core components of a deployable prototype for automated, two-way appointment management with EHR integration.

    Deploy the app here.

    This app is intended for prototyping and testing purposes only. Not for use in production environments!

    One of the most critical elements of delivering high-quality healthcare is an efficient scheduling and appointment management process. In the US alone, missed appointments cost the healthcare system $150B each year. Appointment outreach is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce no-shows, yet many available solutions for sending out these reminders are batched, delayed, and lack flexibility.

    Twilio is focused on helping you find a solution that overcomes these challenges and best fits your needs! If your organization is exploring building an in-house solution, Twilio’s real-time Messaging API can be integrated with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) …

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