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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    Contact Centers: Uncovering Transformation in a Digital Era Contact Centers: Uncovering Transformation in a Digital Era

    "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change."
    -Charles Darwin

    This phrase from Charles Darwin reminds me of how we have evolved in how we live, work, and even how we have fun. Do you remember how you used to watch your favorite TV show or cartoons? I remember that I had to finish my homework and chores at a certain time, so I did not lose my TV show. Yet, there was an inconvenience: I had to watch TV advertisements which sometimes took up 40% of the time I dedicated to the show.

    Nowadays, we have so many alternatives – easier and simpler – to have a pleasant time. Today, I can watch my preferred movies – anytime, anywhere, and without advertisements – by streaming my movies. And beyond that, I can pause and continue …

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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    コンタクトセンター運用を支える"関節"役: Twilio Sync API Sync Joints of the Contact Center Header JP





    コンタクトセンターのすべてのサービスとアプリケーションは連携して機能しなければなりません。そのためには連結部が必要であり、Twilio Syncがその役目を担います。

    Twilio Sync API

    前述した靱帯や関節のように、Twilio Sync APIは他のTwilio APIや機能を接続します。Twilio Syncはアプリケーション間の状態を同期させ、その所要時間はわずか数ミリ秒です。

    多くの企業(ING様など)がTwilio APIを使用し、独自のコンタクトセンターを構築しています。そのほとんどにおいて、Sync APIが他のAPIをつなぐ働きをしています。今ではプログラマブルコンタクトセンターTwilio FlexにおいてFlexユーザーサブスクリプションの一部と …

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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    The Joints Of The Contact Center: Twilio’s Sync API Sync Joints of the Contact Center Header

    Have you ever thought how fascinating the human body is? Simple activities like walking are such a complicated process. The motion of your two legs is coordinated, so that one foot or the other is always in contact with the ground. While the brain is sending signals to precise the coordination of our muscles. More parts of the body play an important role to make it happen.

    But – how can everything be held together without falling apart? That’s thanks to joints, ligaments, and tendons.

    Just like our body needs joints, any product or service needs its equivalent. For instance, imagine a contact center. It consists of multiple applications for routing, reporting, connecting 3rd party systems, storing and transferring data, managing omnichannel interactions, and so on.

    All of a contact center’s services and applications have to work together. To do that, a connector is needed –Twilio …

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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    How Contact Centers Are Adapting To The New Normal Contact Center Changes

    Twilio is offering a new program called Flex Boost to provide up to $100,000 in free Active User Hours to organizations impacted by or responding to COVID-19.

    You can find more information about Flex Boost, including links to helpful technical and operations resources, along with information on how to get started on the following page.

    The COVID-19 outbreak has shown us that most organizations were not prepared to deal with a worldwide crisis of this magnitude. Fortunately, we can adapt how we operate and get work done out of an office with technology such as contact centers.

    Working from home is nothing new – the technology to do it has been available for more than 15 years. However, during this new reality, some organizations are now figuring out how to conduct business as usual during these unexpected times, discovering video conferencing, remote team collaboration, and distributed contact centers, among …

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  • By Karla Nussbaumer
    Making Outbound Calls with Twilio Flex flex-making-outbound-calls.png

    Even though contact center technology has drastically changed in the last ten years, contact center leaders still experience challenges with their customer experience systems, including:

    • Inflexible systems: difficulty adding new channels, expanding functionality, or modernizing their existing service.
    • Limited integrations: some solutions force businesses to pick one or two business applications to integrate into their contact center. But in reality, agents struggle to access many systems and deliver first contact resolution.
    • Securing budget: contact center changes and customizations require professional services whose costs vary based on the complexity of the service, timelines, resources, and more.

    This is why Twilio believes the future of contact center technology is programmability.

    What is Programmability?

    Programmability gives customers the option to use code to modify and extend the behavior, user experience, and functionality of Twilio Flex to fit the ongoing needs of their contact center. Twilio Flex uses programmability through …

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