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  • By Kedar Toraskar
    Announcing General Availability of Twilio Narrowband General Availability Twilio Narrowband

    We are excited to announce: Twilio Narrowband is now Generally Available (GA).

    Twilio Narrowband is the first developer platform in the United States that provides access to the T-Mobile Narrowband (or NB-IoT) network. T-Mobile USA is the first network to deploy NB-IoT in the U.S. and today its network is operational nationwide. The Twilio Narrowband platform includes narrowband SIMs, a developer kit, and a breakout SDK, all designed to work with the T-Mobile NB-IoT network.

    What is Narrowband IoT (or NB-IoT)?

    NB-IoT is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technology that is purpose built for IoT, which means it can handle massive numbers of connected devices and is able to achieve deeper penetration of cellular coverage. It is specifically designed for the majority of IoT devices that don't need a lot of bandwidth, are insensitive to latency and need to conserve battery power for a long period of time. …

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  • By Kedar Toraskar
    Now You Can Add Programmable Voice Participants to Video Group Rooms phone-300x198.png

    We’ve heard from customers who’ve built apps with Twilio Video that they’d like to add in callers from SIP or the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), as there are times where Participants would like to dial-in to the Room from a telephone.

    Starting today, you can now connect Participants from the PSTN or over SIP audio to Programmable Video Group Rooms or Small Group Rooms (for simplicity in this post we’ll refer to both Room types as Group Rooms).

    Now, with just a few lines of code, you can:

    • Receive phone calls to a Video Group Room from any Twilio phone number
    • Make outbound phone calls to add Participants to a Video Group Room.

    PSTN/SIP Participants will be able to share their audio to the Video Group Room and will receive a mixed audio stream from the other participants connected to the Room.


    New TwiML Verb

    To connect the PSTN/SIP …

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  • By Kedar Toraskar
    Announcing New Simplified Pricing for Programmable Video and SLA for Group Rooms Twilio Bug Logo

    Pricing for Twilio Programmable Video has since been updated. For the latest on pricing, please check out https://www.twilio.com/video/pricing.

    We’re excited to announce simplified pricing for Programmable Video and the addition of Twilio’s industry leading standard SLAs to Group Rooms. Group Rooms offers multi-party audio and video conferencing for up to 50 participants for web and mobile apps with no plugins required.

    Want to get started with Video? Clone our sample applications on GitHub for Android, iOS (Swift, Objective-C), and JavaScript.

    New Simplified On-demand Pricing

    You asked for a simpler pricing model, so we built one. Estimating bandwidth when your app isn’t at scale is hard, so we’ve listened and our new on-demand pricing includes bandwidth.

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  • By Kedar Toraskar
    Introducing Global Low Latency for Group Rooms and Media Region Selection GLL_MediaRegions
    • Reduce media latency among participants to improve video quality.
    • Region-based pricing and new REST resources to define location.
    • New REST API to exert greater control of your Room Participants.

    Today, we are excited to announce new capabilities to Programmable Video that will help you reduce media latency and offer you more control over your real-time video experiences.

    • Global Low Latency Media Routing: Starting today, you can now choose which region your media is routed through to minimize latency between participants.
    • New MediaRegion Property: Specify the desired Media Region where you want your media to live, when creating Group Rooms via the REST API.
    • Participant REST API: New controls for participant behavior. Query Participant state and kick Participants out of the Room.
    • PublishedTrack REST API: Query tracks published to a room by Participants.

    Global Service, Local Media

    Now, you can improve call quality for users outside the US with Global …

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  • By Kedar Toraskar
    Network Traversal Services – New Region – Mumbai, India NTS

    We are excited to announce that Network Traversal Service (NTS) is now available in India through Twilio’s new IN1 data center in Mumbai. This makes Network Traversal Service available in eight regions on five continents. This new point of presence reduces video latency throughout Asia Pacific, and especially in the rapidly growing India market. For developers looking to expand their applications into India, this expansion means Video service for your users is even better than before.

    Network Traversal Service (NTS) provides low latency, cost effective, reliable STUN and TURN capabilities for developers using WebRTC. Twilio’s Network Traversal Service has a host of capabilities that are vital if you’re building a peer-to-peer WebRTC application::

    • Free STUN lookups: Enable your endpoints to discover their public IPs
    • Global coverage: PoP in eight regions helps provide the best experience to your users around the globe
    • Intelligent routing: Geo-DNS resolution ensures clients are connected …
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