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  • By Luce Carter
    Using Data Binding in Xamarin Applications using-data-binding-in-xamarin.png

    Xamarin is a powerful tool for building cross platform apps for Android and iOS devices. You can use Xamarin without leaving the comfort of your Visual Studio development environment and you don’t have to buy and connect a bunch of mobile phones to test your apps: Xamarin includes emulators to give you a real feel for how your user interface will look and work.

    One of the time-saving and powerful aspects of Xamarin is Xamarin.Forms, a toolkit for building user interfaces with eXtensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to define how a user interface component in a Xamarin app will look and behave. Xamarin XAML (try saying that five times fast) works in concert with code-behind C# classes, a structure you may be familiar with if you’ve worked with ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core.

    Xamarin.Forms includes Data Binding, a way of keeping a user interface synchronized with its underlying data without …

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  • By Luce Carter
    Deploying and Running Your First C# Xamarin Mobile App Deploying and Running Your First C# Xamarin Mobile App

    Creating mobile apps with Xamarin involves more than just coding and pressing F5. Since your apps will be running on a mobile operating system like Android or iOS, testing and debugging them requires running them on a device running one of those operating systems or a simulation of a device.

    The first post in this series showed how to get set up and build your first app in Xamarin with C# .NET. This post will show you how to deploy and run your Xamarin app on an iPhone or Android device. You’ll also learn how to deploy and run on iOS and Android emulators. With these techniques you’ll be able to test and debug a single app on a variety of devices and OS versions without needing a stack of phones.


    Visual Studio 2017/2019 for Windows or Visual Studio for Mac

    Mobile development with .NET workload for Visual Studio …

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  • By Luce Carter
    Building Your First Mobile App with C# .NET and Xamarin Building Your First Mobile App with C# .NET and Xamarin

    Nearly everyone these days has a mobile phone, and most of these are smartphones. Everyone downloads apps, from social media to games to fitness.

    As developers, a lot of you probably think about making an app for your phones. Whether it's just for a laugh, or to solve an actual problem, our curious minds get us thinking.

    In this post you will get an introduction to how you can create mobile apps using C# and Visual Studio, taking advantage of the awesome Xamarin mobile tooling built into Visual Studio.

    Today you will cover the following set of topics:

    • What is Xamarin?
    • What tools will I need?
    • Getting started with the Visual Studio tools for Xamarin
    • Creating a simple counter app
    • Learning more

    If you would like to see a full integration of Twilio APIs in a .NET Core application then checkout this free 5-part video series. It's separate from …

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