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  • By Leroy Chan
    Flex 2.0: Configure Facebook Messenger with Flex Conversations facebook-messenger-flex-conversations

    Twilio Flex natively supports sending and receiving messages from Facebook Messenger users. This guide showcases how to configure Facebook Messenger for Flex UI 2.x and Flex Conversations. Messages from Facebook Messenger will first flow into Twilio Studio before hitting Twilio Flex.

    If you're using Flex Legacy Messaging, follow this guide instead. Also note that the integration of Facebook Messenger is currently in beta.


    Before you can complete this tutorial, you'll need to set up a few things:

    1. Twilio Flex Account with Console Access
    2. Twilio CLI installed (v5.2.1 or above) along with Node.js
    3. Facebook Page (Ready to be integrated)

    Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Step 1: Install and C …
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