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  • By Lyssa Test
    Just Launched: 6 Questions Every Retailer Should Ask When Choosing an Email Services Provider six-qs-for-retailers-email-provider.png

    Finding the right email service provider (ESPs) takes time, effort, and money. Since email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel ($42 for every $1 spent, in fact), you need to find the right solution for your business the first time around.

    Unfortunately, the ESP that works best for one company, might not be the best fit for another. Every email program is different, so find a vendor that can meet your business’s unique needs today while helping you achieve your email goals for the future.

    Our newest guide, 6 Questions Every Retailer Should Ask When Choosing an Email Services Provider, shares the questions you need to ask a potential email partner to ensure your business picks the right long-term email solution. From inquiring about email deliverability to finding a solution that can scale with your business, here’s a preview of some of the questions included in …

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  • By Lyssa Test
    New Guide! The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel

    According to Twilio’s 2021 State of Customer Engagement report, most businesses plan to add four new customer channels in the coming year, but just 1 in 4 businesses say they’re successfully investing in omnichannel personalization.

    When businesses lack an integrated view of customers’ current and past behavior across all channels, they can inadvertently create a disjointed, fragmented customer experience that often results in churn or lost conversions. To understand why businesses struggle to create true omnichannel strategies, we partnered with Segment and SendGrid to create The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel.

    The guide has everything you need to implement omnichannel customer engagement at scale, including:

    • The key differences between multichannel and omnichannel
    • The importance of tracking cross-channel customer journeys
    • The infrastructure and tools you need to implement a scalable omnichannel strategy
    • How four leading brands use omnichannel experiences to wow customers

    Download the guide for best practices and tips …

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  • By Lyssa Test
    Introducing Strategic Content Marketer, Lyssa Test Introducing Lyssa Test Hero Image

    When I graduated college, I accepted an unpaid marketing internship for a 20-person tech start-up in New York City. For four months, I lived out of a suitcase and stayed with whichever friend or family member would let me crash on their couch on a given night. Even without a place to call my own, I quickly fell in love with both the city and the world of tech.

    Sure, the office snacks were great, but what made me fall in love with working at a tech company was that even as an intern, my voice mattered. I was able to participate in brainstorms, interact with clients, lead user tests, and help shape the future of the product. I was impressed by how quickly we could come up with a concept, build it, test it, launch it, and measure its performance. We were scrappy, innovative, and – most importantly – …

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