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  • By Matt Nikonorov
    How to Scrape Websites With PHP Using Goutte How to Scrape Websites With PHP Using Goutte

    For many PHP based applications involving data collection or data analysis, PHP scripts will need to scrape data from external web pages. This is especially true if the web source that you are looking to interact with doesn’t provide an API; or maybe they do provide an API, but you don’t want to pay for their API services.

    Web scraping is usually performed with Node.js or Python, however, when trying to scrape data and pass it to the frontend, web scraping with Node.js or Python complicates the process of scraping data from the web and displaying it on a web page.

    This is where Goutte makes life easier. Instead of relying on Node.js or Python scripts to scrape data from the web and display it on the frontend by passing it to a PHP script, with Goutte, you can scrape data from the web directly inside of your PHP script. …

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