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  • By Nico Acosta
    Twilio Client SDKs now supports Safari Client SDK Safari

    If you’re on a Mac or building an application for customers who use Safari, we have good news. With version 11.0, Safari began supporting WebRTC, making it ubiquitous for all major browsers. And with this support, the latest version of the Twilio Client JavaScript SDK also includes support for Safari.

    With the last major browser covered – WebRTC was already supported on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS, and Android – developers can now consider WebRTC a de facto standard for voice and video communications on the web.

    Here are a few ideas of what you can do with Twilio Client:

    Click to call – If you’re a retailer or have a customer support page, why not let your customer call you directly from that page instead of dialing the phone? Now that Client supports Safari, you can be sure you will support virtually every customer who might want to call you, …

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  • By Nico Acosta
    Twilio Understand: Transforming How Companies Interact with Customers Twilio Understand now in developer preview
    • Turn speech into structured data objects.
    • Analyze text from any communications channel with a single natural language understanding model.
    • Available now in developer preview.

    This May at Signal, we announced Twilio Understand— a new TwiML verb that uses natural language to figure out the intent of what someone is saying or texting. We’ve seen a lot of interest in it, from people that want to build more intuitive phone trees (IVR) to smarter messaging bots. And today, we’re excited to share that Twilio Understand is now available in developer preview.

    With Twilio Understand, you can not only transform their digital experience across IVR, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and a variety of messaging channels, but, you can also build experiences in new channels like Amazon Alexa.

    Twilio Understand can be trained to handle everything from simple questions, such as “How late is your Austin store open?” or “ …

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  • By Nico Acosta
    Contact Centers: Introducing Agent Conference tw2_agentconference_blog

    Agent Conference is now Generally Available. Read more here.

    • Place outbound calls to prospects without TwiML fetch.
    • Agent Whisper feature to coach agents.
    • Available now in public beta.

    Conference is at the core of many advanced Twilio Voice API call flows. Over the last year, we’ve made Twilio Conference more powerful and easier to use. We shipped conference events with speaker detection, hold API, end conference API, region selection, and made all conferences Global Low Latency (GLL) by default.

    Today we’re excited to announce the public beta of Agent Conference—a new set of conference features that make it easy to connect contact center agents to your customers. It includes two powerful features for contact centers: Agent Whisper and an Outbound Conference Call API.

    Agent Whisper

    Quality assurance is crucial for contact centers to provide great customer experiences. Supervisors play a big role listening into …

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  • By Nico Acosta
    Twilio Announces the General Availability of Twilio Client JavaScript SDK 1.4 Twilio Bug Logo

    Today we’re excited to announce the General Availability of our Twilio Client JavaScript SDK 1.4. This release adds a host of new APIs and features designed to improve browser-based voice calling by helping you catch pre-flight problems, providing early warning APIs, and gearing up to meet robust enterprise requirements.

    Read on for a deeper look at these improvements, or get started with the release by checking out the updated APIs here.

    Catch pre-flight problems

    Local environments are tricky, especially when you’re trying to test headsets and microphones. The problem with headset and microphone issues is that they’re hard to detect, which leads to misdiagnosed issues and unhappy users.

    The new set of APIs in Twilio Client JavaScript SDK 1.4 helps you set up users for success by providing volume indicators that give visual feedback on the mic and headset state, input and output audio selection to choose the right …

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