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  • By Naomi Pentrel
    A Phone Number Proxy 📱↔️👻↔️📱 Girl Hiding Her Face

    What would you do if you could have a dedicated phone number for anything you wanted? This blog post will show you how to create a phone number that hides your private phone number and acts as an intermediary between your phone number and other phone numbers. The use cases are many:

    • separate work and private numbers
    • international numbers while traveling (without buying a local sim)
    • an event hotline for Code of Conduct violations
    • an alias number for a Tinder date, which you can delete if things go badly…

    Let’s assume we need a number for an event Code of Conduct hotline because we would prefer not to give attendees our private number. In this post, we will build just such a phone number proxy using:

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  • By Naomi Pentrel
    ☎️ They told us we needed a landline ☎️ header-landline

    Landlines – an antiquated telephone that is often unused but kept around for legacy reasons.

    I cannot remember the last time I used a landline telephone. It was probably more than three years ago. Growing up with a mobile connection has made landlines a thing of the past for younger generations.

    Throughout university the only thing a student uses is a cell phone. However, once a student moves into their first place where they need to set up internet, this long-forgotten option suddenly reappears. As it did for me when I recently moved to an apartment in London. When setting up our internet we didn’t consider getting a landline. Really, why would we?

    Then, after living at our new place for a few days, it hit us. We couldn’t figure out how the doorbell worked. There was no built-in intercom, so there was nothing that would make a sound when …

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