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  • By Nahuel Sznajderhaus
    Handle Twilio Debugger Events with Python and Flask Handle Twilio Debugger Events with Python and Flask

    Twilio offers a wide range of APIs. One Twilio account can run many applications, and perhaps your team develops and maintains a specific range of them. To best debug your applications when (and not if) there are errors, it would be nice to filter through debugger events and only get the notifications that you need to see.

    In this post, I’ll show you how to leverage Twilio’s Debugger Alert Triggers to receive, process and store the error events from your selected Twilio application. That is, you’ll be able to write an application that listens to events from the Twilio Debugger and writes relevant content about them into a comma separated values (CSV) file that you maintain on your machine. In a more advanced project, you could write this into a cloud database instead. The idea is the same.

    Tutorial requirements

    We will be using Python, so I’ll assume …

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  • By Nahuel Sznajderhaus
    Record Twilio Studio Voice Calls with Functions jsmdXvZSBEdft8nuZ_MtajGFLy6760fNjC4kIZrW5DxLfQfOHLkyvr1VrCbsrTcI9sy0YwMxP5rrKNWxXO3LG-tQRoGG5uW67hzZPBjC1rkoJeVQfJSbhQ1B4WURNEAeuFtfrCYk

    Since this article was written, Studio has released a Widget for recording phone calls. Continue reading to learn how to implement Call Recording as custom functionality using Functions and Studio.

    Twilio Studio is a great tool to build Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRs) to help businesses communicate with their customers.

    In Studio, a Flow is executed from an incoming call or SMS to your Twilio number, or you could trigger an outbound flow via a REST API request. Once in a Flow, Studio offers various ways to control calls and message flows, including but not limited to:

    • Saying or playing messages to a callee
    • Gathering input from the callee such as digits or voice messages
    • Making an HTTP request to a third party system

    Studio is even able to record audio, which makes it super easy to build a voicemail app for a Twilio number. If, however, …

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