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  • By Evelyn Masso
    Aligning with Intention in Open Source finding-intentions-in-open-source-evelyn-masso.png

    In this post, I’ll discuss my approach to prioritizing work in open source software projects. I’ve found that aligning my work with the unique intent of the project has helped me feel more satisfied with the impact of my open source contributions. I’ll share some questions to help you get started on developing your understanding of an open source project’s intent and include some examples of how to put them into practice.

    Hello, p5.js

    Every open source software project is different. Not only in their tech stack, but also in their intent. Sometimes I focus so much on widely used projects (like React) that I forget about the wide range of intents available to an open source project. As I’ve been getting more involved as a maintainer on p5.js this year, I’ve had to think a lot about what makes p5.js unique.

    p5.js is unique in that it:

    • is a …
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