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  • By Parry Cadwallader
    Build a WhatsApp Flashcard Bot With Python, Flask and Twilio Build a WhatsApp Flashcard Bot with Python, Flask and Twilio

    A flashcard is one of the most tried and true study tools, helping anyone from medical students to language learners all approach their goal of memorizing facts and figures. Software like Anki or Memrise have provided countless features and robust settings that make digital flashcards increasingly useful. However, there are plenty of times where you might not be able to pull up one of the more robust applications and need something more lightweight to study with.

    For example, when your cell signal is good enough for texting, but cannot load a full-featured web application. Or perhaps you’re in an airplane that doesn’t allow various websites, but does allow you to text phone numbers down on the ground.

    This tutorial will show you how to make a basic flashcard bot for WhatsApp or SMS to get you started on your way to reviewing flashcards wherever you are. You can see an …

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