Offline-First with Node.js and Hoodie: A Practical Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

Keyboard, Mouse, and Coffee

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs for short) aim to deliver a better and engaging user experience by applying progressive enhancements using modern web standards and best practices. These include among others service workers, push APIs, background sync and serving your page over HTTPS. If the app is loaded in browsers that doesn’t support a web standard, it should work just like a normal website. In modern browsers, however, the experience should be improved… Read More

How to Build Simple Chat Apps with JavaScript, Node.js and Twilio

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Twilio Chat makes it easy to add chat capability to your application by handling the worst devilish details that come up when building real-time chat. In this post we’ll walk you through how to add Twilio Chat to your own web application using JavaScript. The requirement to follow along are: An understanding of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Some familiarity with Node.JS and Express or a similar framework… Read More