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  • By Patrick Kolencherry
    Strategies for Migrating an Existing Contact Center to Twilio Flex Strategies for Migrating an Existing Contact Center to Twilio Flex

    Migrating from an existing solution, whether on-premise or SaaS, to Twilio Flex can be challenging to cutover all at once. For many companies, a gradual migration may be preferable. In this session from SIGNAL with Mladen Milanovic and Court Swenson from cloud solution provider Presidio, we covered how to approach incremental migration off of an existing contact center platform, with a deeper dive on how to do so with Cisco UCCE.

    Let’s explore!

    Complex Migrations

    In this video from the Shibuya railway station in Tokyo, 1,200 engineers converted an above ground train track to an underground subway line in under 3.5 hours. With only 5 hours between the last train of the night and the first train of the morning in a station that moves more than 740,000 passengers a day, there was no room for error.

    Moving an on-premise contact center to the cloud can be just as complicated. …

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  • By Patrick Kolencherry
    Convert Fax-to-Email with Twilio Fax, Functions, TwiML Bins, and SparkPost twilio_fax_do_good

    Today we’re going to use Twilio’s Fax API and SparkPost to receive an inbound fax and forward it as an outgoing email. We’ll use a phone number we purchase with Twilio and host our logic with the serverless Twilio Functions and TwiML Bins.

    Sign Up For – Or Sign Into – A Twilio Account

    You’ll be using a few Twilio products today to complete your quest: Twilio Programmable Fax for receiving an incoming fax and Twilio Functions and TwiML Bins to host your logic.

    Either create a new Twilio account (sign up for a free Twilio trial), or sign into an existing Twilio account. Once you are logged in, open up a tab with the Functions Console. Then – leave it alone, we’ll come back to it later.

    Purchase a Twilio Phone Number

    Much like with phone calls and text messages you’ll need a phone number …

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