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  • By Precious Opusunju
    Retrieve and Send Live Bitcoin Rates Every Day Using CEX.io, Twilio SMS, and PHP Retrieve and Send Live Bitcoin Rates Every Day Using CEX.io, Twilio SMS, and PHP.png


    Ever wondered how platforms like Binance set price watchlists for different Bitcoin price alerts? If so, imagine getting a daily SMS alert whenever the price of Bitcoin changes.

    This tutorial will teach you how to use Twilio Programmable SMS to send out live Bitcoin rates every day using your Laravel app. After we’re finished, you will be able to automatically send an SMS containing the conversion rate of Bitcoin to USD to your phone number, daily.

    Installation Requirements

    We will begin with a new Laravel project. Additionally, the following modules are required for proper functionality. These modules are:

    Having installed Laravel on your machine, proceed to create a new project using the Laravel CLI:

    $ laravel new bitcoin_watcher

    Or using the Composer create-project command:

    $ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel bitcoin_watcher

    Next, install Twilio’s PHP SDK to …

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  • By Precious Opusunju
    How to Send Bulk SMS with Twilio and Laravel PHP send-bulk-sms-laravel-cover-photo.png

    There are times when you have a large number of users and you need to update or notify them simultaneously via SMS. Maybe you run a membership site or personal blog. Whatever the case this tutorial will provide an efficient and easy way to achieve sending bulk SMS via your web app.

    Technical Requirements

    For this tutorial we’ll assume you already know or have the following:

    • A Terminal (Command Line)
    • Composer installed
    • Are familiar with PHP
    • Are familiar with Laravel (5+)
    • You have an existing Laravel (5+) project
    • You have a Twilio account and your credentials ready

    Just in case you don’t have a Laravel project setup, this guide will help you to create a new Laravel project locally.

    Install and Configure the Twilio Laravel SDK

    The first thing we need to do is install the Twilio Laravel SDK which will provide the needed functions to get our bulk …

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