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  • By Rachel Black
    Secret Gifts with Twilio Verify for Gift of Code Secret Gifts with Twilio Verify for Gift of Code

    It’s December and in typical fashion I have left Christmas shopping too late. But as a developer, I can always use my coding powers to build a gift. Using Twilio Verify, I will code a small application that gifts a secret message to a holder of a specific phone number. This secret content could take the form of a message, picture etc. Watch out friends and family, I am going to be using it to gift my favourite holiday GIFs!

    Technical requirements

    • A free Twilio account. If you use this link to register, you will receive $10 credit when you upgrade to a paid account
    • Node.js and npm installed

    User flow

    Our application will be coded with a specific person in mind. This user will be identified by their telephone number. This user will be able to visit our application, start the verification process and receive a SMS code. …

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  • By Rachel Black
    Building an SMS notification service with Serverless. Using Node.js, Serverless and Twilio’s SMS API to write a notification service for Ethereum gas prices.

    Ethereum is a blockchain with a cryptocurrency. As with Bitcoin, it costs users to send ethereum transactions, or interact with a smart contract (an on chain programme). The cost of these transactions is called gas, and the price can vary depending on usage. If lots of people are using the network, gas prices can get very high. Read more on gas prices, and how they skyrocketed earlier this summer here. Savvy users wait for lower gas prices to interact with Ethereum smart contracts. Twilio’s SMS API is the perfect tool to keep you updated on prices.  I am going to show you how to write a serverless application to send SMS notifications when gas fees are below a certain level.

    If you aren’t interested in gas prices, the flow in this tutorial can be used to query and connect any https REST api via Serverless to Twilio’s SMS api. …

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  • By Rachel Black
    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Rachel Black Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Rachel Black

    Ahoy there!

    Ex-teacher turned developer turned developer evangelist checking in. It’s been a winding road to my destination at Twilio, via meetups, bootcamps and hackathons. This is my journey from classroom to (online) conferences.

    From teaching to coding

    In my twenties, I worked as a Geography, my undergrad subject, and graphics teacher, slightly more tenuous, I had a product design A-level. Although there were some very rewarding aspects to teaching, the stack-loads of marking, and bureaucratic paperwork left me looking for other options.

    Brushing up on my Graphic Design knowledge, I purchased a HTML & CSS textbook. I really enjoyed the process of making things. My highlights were those ‘Aha’ moments and small wins when it all finally worked. I started to consider web development as a career option.

    Meetup magic

    Around this time I began to dip my toes into the London tech meetup scene. From my outsider's perspective, …

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