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  • By Rachel Black
    Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Rachel Black Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Rachel Black

    Ahoy there!

    Ex-teacher turned developer turned developer evangelist checking in. It’s been a winding road to my destination at Twilio, via meetups, bootcamps and hackathons. This is my journey from classroom to (online) conferences.

    From teaching to coding

    In my twenties, I worked as a Geography, my undergrad subject, and graphics teacher, slightly more tenuous, I had a product design A-level. Although there were some very rewarding aspects to teaching, the stack-loads of marking, and bureaucratic paperwork left me looking for other options.

    Brushing up on my Graphic Design knowledge, I purchased a HTML & CSS textbook. I really enjoyed the process of making things. My highlights were those ‘Aha’ moments and small wins when it all finally worked. I started to consider web development as a career option.

    Meetup magic

    Around this time I began to dip my toes into the London tech meetup scene. From my outsider's perspective, …

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