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  • By Rose Maina
    Working with Xcode Auto Layout in Swift and iOS Projects Auto Layout in Xcode

    Have you ever had trouble designing an application to look good in both landscape and portrait orientation? Do not despair! Auto Layout is here to the rescue.

    Originally Apple had only one screen size, which was developer friendly since they did not have to be terribly flexible fitting into different screen sizes. Fast forward to today, it has become quite frustrating to design an app that supports different screen sizes. To make this transition easier, Apple introduced Auto Layout. It’s a relatively new concept and may be confusing to use for the very first time, but all it does is simply make your app look good across all devices. It has therefore become imperative to master this concept and we shall be going through the knowledge required to flex.

    By the end of this tutorial, we will have learned:

    • Why Auto layout is important
    • Different sections on Xcode
    • How to …
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