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  • By Rising Odegua
    Build a Deep Learning Spam Detection System for SMS using Keras, Python and Twilio Build a Spam Detection System for SMS using Keras, Python and Twilio

    In this tutorial, you’re going to build an SMS spam detection web application. This application will be built in Python using the Flask framework, and will include a deep learning model that you will train to detect SMS spam. We will work with the Twilio SMS API, so that you’ll be able to classify SMS messages sent to the phone number you have registered in your Twilio account.

    One practical use of this application is to monitor and effectively classify SMS messages from your customers into spam or not-spam folders.

    Below is the result of the final application you’ll build:

    Application demo

    As you notice from the picture above, you have two sections, one representing non-spam messages and the other representing spam messages. These messages are all retrieved from your SMS inbox and classified by the trained model before they are displayed in the dashboard.


    In order to follow and fully …

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