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  • By Sales Enablement Interns 2022
    Sales Enablement: What are we Enabling? Sales Enablement: What are we Enabling? by Twilio Sales Enablement Interns 2022

    Among the various roles within the tech industry—software engineering, marketing, customer success, etc.—the enablement position is comparatively less-known and understood. What is a Sales Enablement Intern and more importantly, what are they enabling?

    What is sales enablement?

    It’s a tough question to answer because there really is so much that goes into enablement. By design, enablement is meant to operate behind-the-scenes of the frontend sales teams, making it uniquely difficult to shine just one light on its purpose. However, simply put, sales enablement is the process of equipping customer-facing sales teams with all the resources they need to be successful. In more detail, sales enablement is the alignment of people, processes, and priorities using relevant learning, coaching, and communications. Within Twilio, Enablement drives the onboarding as well as the continued training of our sellers to accelerate ramp times, hone in on necessary skills, and drive revenue.

    A mouthful, we know. …

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