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  • By Samuel Taylor
    How I Hacked My University’s Registration System with Python and Twilio jmu

    University students know the pain of trying to register for a class only to realize it’s full. At my university we didn’t even have a waitlist system for most classes. We had to resort to logging in and checking the site multiple times a day. This seemed like something a computer could do, so I set out to automate it with a bit of Python and the Twilio API.

    Getting Started

    Because the university’s course registration system is behind a password login, we’re going to use a simplified site I set up. For the purposes of this demo, it alternates each minute between having no open seats in CS 101 and having one open seat.

    We’re going to use a few libraries to help us with this project. Assuming you already have pip installed, go ahead and install them by running the following pip command:

    pip install …
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