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  • By Sean Beck
    Birth Announcements for the Busy Father using Python, Flask and Twilio

    One day during my wife’s first pregnancy, it dawned on me that a lot of people would be interested to know when the baby was born. I began counting all the family members and friends who would want some notification about the baby’s arrival and realized I’d be making more phone calls than I would prefer. Sure, I could shove everyone into one big group text message, but then I run the risk of missing someone who might care while also subjecting myself to a seemingly endless cacophony of notification beeps.

    To solve our endless beeping problem, we need a way to allow others to quickly learn about the birth of the child while notifying anyone who might care. We accomplish this using Python, Flask, and Twilio. With Twilio we can text or call anyone we like without the burden of doing so ourselves: all it takes is around 150 …

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