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  • By Scott Lemon
    2G/3G Sunset: How to Future-Proof Your IoT Fleet 2G/3G Sunset: Future-Proof Your IoT Fleet

    If it feels like cellular tech is moving too fast to keep up with, it’s because it’s true! The introduction of 5G—with 6G and beyond already being discussed—means that there’s less space on the spectrum for older networks, leaving those with a fleet of 2G and 3G devices scrambling to upgrade their equipment. IoT-specific networks such as LTE Cat-M are being deployed to more and more regions. Taking this opportunity to upgrade your devices’ IoT SIM cards to a Multi-IMSI architecture and eSIM hardware at the same time will help to future-proof your devices as older technology is phased out and the cost of maintaining outdated hardware increases.

    Wait—what’s happening with 2G and 3G?

    Carriers are the players who ultimately determine whether or not to transition to a new technology, so the sun is setting on 2G and 3G networks at varying rates across the globe. While the dates vary, …

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