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  • By Shyam Purkayastha
    Building Intelligent Transportation Hardware Systems with Python, LoRa, MQTT and Twilio Sync YbRZvevu_nG1vyZW-U24Jp9EG64edehK6A9tbAPOeqiqJO26ta8LMIpyk6RtGuO6HgMTN9zaBUmokJEpmzf4AVzNGYdQOQo6eSag7QtandPcL-Q9WktI8FYZxQixDEfGcHR8Lhjn

    What if your house was on fire and you waited for the fire truck to arrive, only to be informed that it was stuck in traffic? Traffic congestion in major cities is a bane for commuters, but as a daily affair we have all gotten used to it.

    When congestion meets an emergency situation, can lead to loss of lives and property. That is where an intelligent transportation system (ITS) kicks in. A citywide ITS based infrastructure keeps tab of city traffic and controls the traffic control signals to manage traffic pile up. In this post, we will witness how an ITS can be automated to facilitate seamless movement of emergency vehicles, like ambulances and fire trucks.

    Intelligent Transportation Systems: Bridging the Gap with IoT

    Internet of Things has been around for a few years now, and its novelty has already given way to practicality across various industries. Technologies such …

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