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  • By Shane Rosenthal
    Create a Phone Dialer App in PHP with Laravel Livewire and Twilio Voice Create a Phone Dialer App in PHP with Laravel Livewire

    Laravel Livewire is a "full-stack framework for Laravel that makes building dynamic interfaces simple, without leaving the comfort of Laravel." You might be used to using frameworks such as Vue.js, React, or another JavaScript framework to manage your front-end data in Laravel, but with Livewire, gone are the days of having to make AJAX requests to your own API to re-render data in the browser. In short, and from personal experience, Livewire will decrease your development time significantly by coupling your front-end with the back-end; it eliminates the need to manage most dependencies with webpack or ingesting your own API.


    Before you begin this tutorial, make sure you have the following set up/installed:

    What We’ll Build

    What better way to demonstrate the power …

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  • By Shane Rosenthal
    DRY Up Your HTML With Laravel 7 Blade Components DRY Up Your HTML With Laravel 7 Blade Components

    In the latest iteration of Laravel, developers were introduced to a new syntax for creating Blade Components. If you’re unfamiliar, a blade is the templating engine in Laravel that allows you to use plain PHP in your view. The components, or reusable code created using this logic, allows you to easily follow the DRY or “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle. Creating a Blade component once means that you can reuse the code anywhere in your application.

    Twitter screenshot

    The improvements made in Laravel 7 promise to speed up your development time by allowing you to create new, class-based Blade components for your front end markup.

    Previous Implementations of Blade Components

    Since Laravel 5.4, developers have h …

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