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  • By Steve Tingiris
    An Introduction to CI/CD for Twilio Functions Using GitHub Actions ci-cd-github-actions.png

    Hey, this is Steve at Dabble Lab. In this tutorial we’re going to explore using GitHub Actions to automate the deployment of Twilio Functions.

    For most of my projects that use Twilio Functions, I use the Twilio Console to create and manage my code and assets. But as much as I love the ease of working in the web console, it’s not always the best option. For example, when working on mission-critical apps, complex or frequently updated apps, and when collaborating with other developers, I always want to have continuous integration and continuous delivery processes in place. But at the moment, continuous integration and continuous delivery functionality is not provided by the Twilio Console. The good news is setting up CI/CD workflows for your Twilio Functions is relatively simple using GitHub Actions.

    GitHub Actions

    GitHub Actions allow you to automate, customize, and execute software development workflows from within …

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  • By Steve Tingiris
    Build a Telephone Chatbot with GPT-3 and Twilio Autopilot Build a Telephone Chatbot with GPT-3 and Twilio Autopilot

    GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is a highly advanced language model from OpenAI. Its claim to fame is its ability to generate written text that is virtually indistinguishable from human-written text. It’s enjoying a ton of buzz these days, so I thought we could have a little fun with it by creating a GPT-3 powered chatbot that you can talk to over the telephone.

    Below you can hear a short conversation I had with this bot about the Moon:

    Technical Requirements

    To follow along, you’ll need:

    • A free Twilio account. If you use this link to register, you will also receive $10 credit when you upgrade to a paid account.
    • An OpenAI API key. Visit openai.com to request it.

    The Goal

    After completing this tutorial, you’ll have a phone number that you can call to have a conversation with a GPT-3 …

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