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  • By Stephen Wai
    Protect Against Accidental Credential Leaks with Twilio Git Guard announcing_git_guard.png

    Twilio will now send you an email security alert if we detect that your Account SID and Auth Token have been committed to a public repository on GitHub.

    Did you know that every day developers all over the world accidentally leak their credentials in open source repositories?

    With over 40 million developers pushing code to more than 100 million repositories on GitHub, software is eating the world at a lightning pace. However, with the increasing adoption of the cloud, managing many different secrets, including API keys, database connection strings, private keys, and even usernames and passwords, can be challenging. You can imagine a developer, laser focused on deployment velocity, might unknowingly commit an API key to a repository.

    After all, even the best developers make mistakes.

    And what happens if you do accidentally commit API keys to a public repository? Unfortunately, fraudsters and hackers scanning the …

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