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  • By Toby Allen
    Working around PSTN congestion with Twilio Client Working around PSTN congestion with Twilio Client

    In these unprecedented times of social distancing and a virus pandemic, we are seeing a huge increase in the number of voice calls being made. Our Super Network team is working around the clock to ensure that calls make it through. However, in some areas, we are seeing that lines from carriers are so congested that the calls are never reaching Twilio. Here in this tutorial, we will outline some options to bypass the congestion on the PSTN by using Twilio Client.

    Twilio Client is a WebRTC based voice client that works in browsers and mobile devices using a data connection. Once a client call is connected to Twilio it can be routed directly to your existing infrastructure via SIP or uncongested PSTN paths allowing calls to continue to flow.

    The Idea

    Currently, your customers and staff may be struggling to connect to your contact centers or business-critical services …

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  • By Toby Allen
    Simple Urgent SMS Notifications with Google Sheets and Twilio Urgent SMS Notifications with Google Sheets and Twilio Programmable SMS

    If you find yourself needing to send urgent messages out to customers or staff but don’t have developers on hand or access to your usual tools. Then this tutorial that shows you how to send SMS notifications from Google sheets may be perfect for you. In this blog post we’ll show you how to send messages to a list of numbers from a Google Sheet using Apps Script.

    Tutorial Requirements

    To follow this tutorial you need the following items:

    • A Twilio account — If you are new to Twilio you can create a trial account with $10 US trial credit
    • A Google or G-Suite account to access Google Sheets. You can create one here.

    From Number or Alphanumeric Sender ID?

    Twilio supports different options for sending SMS messages to numbers. These include standard phone numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Short Codes and Alphanumeric Sender IDs. Additionally, SMS regulations …

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  • By Toby Allen
    Enruta SMS a Correo Electrónico de Manera Bidireccional con SendGrid y Twilio Two-way sms to email

    Muchas empresas quieren comunicarse por SMS con sus clientes, y a la vez integrar estos canales con procesos internos establecidos, como las bandejas de entrada de correo electrónico compartidas. ¿Comparte un teléfono móvil con su equipo o ha optado  por usar una solución híbrida de correo electrónico a SMS que le resulta inflexible porque se rige por estrictas reglas de enrutamiento?

    Ahora, con el poder del correo electrónico Twilio SendGrid y Twilio SMS, puede configurar rápidamente su propia solución de reenvío de correo electrónico bidireccional a SMS.

    En este breve tutorial, aprenderá a cómo enrutar mensajes desde un número compatible con Twilio SMS a una bandeja de entrada compartida y viceversa. Lo haremos enviando mensajes SMS entrantes a un correo electrónico utilizando la API SendGrid. Aprovecharemos la funcionalidad Inbound Parse  de SendGrid para llamar a la API de mensajería Twilio. En ambos casos, vamos a utilizar una pequeña …

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  • By Toby Allen
    Build Two-Way Email to SMS with SendGrid and Twilio Hello SMS SendGrid to Email Forward

    Since this post, Zeit rebranded to Vercel.

    Lots of businesses want to be able to communicate over SMS to their customers but struggle to integrate with established processes like shared email inboxes. Do you share a phone with the team, or do you opt for an inflexible 3rd party Email to SMS gateway with strict routing rules?

    Now, with the power of Twilio SendGrid email and Twilio SMS, you can quickly set up your own two-way email to SMS forwarding solution.

    In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to route messages from a Twilio SMS capable number to a shared inbox and vice-versa. We will do this by sending inbound SMS messages to email using the SendGrid API. Conversely, we'll leverage SendGrid's Inbound Parse functionality to call the Twilio Messaging API. In both cases, we're going to use a small JavaScript function hosted in the Zeit Serverless …

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