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  • By Tammy Ben-David
    Integrate a Wix Answers Knowledge Base into Flex wix-answers-kb.png

    Knowledge bases are what drive collaboration and connection in an organization. Enabling your agents to access information efficiently should be a key goal for any company. This series of blog posts aims to help you set up a knowledge base with search and automatic agent assistance within Flex by integrating Wix Answers.

    We'll set up a Wix Answers integration in three steps:

    1. First, in this post we will set up a manual knowledge base search of your Wix Answers knowledgebase within the Flex single page UI.
    2. After that, we will use media streams to fork the audio stream in real time to Google’s Speech to Text API, this will provide us with a real time transcription of the call.
    3. Finally, we will put both these things together to pick out keywords from the conversation and search for them in our integrated knowledge base.


    Before we begin you’ll need:

    • A …
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