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  • By Trust and Security Team
    7 Best Practices to Protect Your Twilio SendGrid Account and Sending Reputation Protect Twilio SendGrid Account

    This post was originally published on the Twilio SendGrid blog. 

    At Twilio SendGrid, our top priority is our customers and protecting their brands. Building the world’s most powerful and performant email platform is only the beginning—we’ve also built technology to secure your accounts and prevent them from falling into the hands of bad actors.

    We know security is a journey we take together with our customers, sharing the responsibility to ensure a secure and trusted communications solution. And with the recent trend around breached credentials, we’ve decided to compile some best practices to help you do your part in securing your account.

    Here are 7 ways you can keep your account more secure.

    1. Password security

    Ensure you are using a strong password that is not shared between other websites and is unique to your account. Today, a strong password does not need to be a sequence of hard …

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