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  • By Twilio
    5 Questions with Twilio's new Chief Marketing Officer Joyce Kim Copy of Console DX promo images 1200x628 h (6).png

    Twilio is thrilled to welcome Joyce Kim as our new Chief Marketing Officer, leading our global marketing as we continue to build the future of customer engagement.

    Joyce Kim joins Twilio from Genesys, where she also served as Chief Marketing Officer and was responsible for driving market expansion and enterprise revenue growth. Prior to Genesys, she was Chief Digital & Marketing Officer for Arm, where she led the enterprise-wide digital transformation and global marketing strategy with one of the largest developer ecosystems in the world. She also serves as a member of the board of directors and the audit committee at Quicklogic corporation (QUIK), the nonprofit Bring Me A Book, and is a member of the Fast Company Executive Board.

    We asked her five questions to get to know her and see what she’s excited to build at Twilio.

    If you could bring back any fashion trend, what would it …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio is Now a Remote-first Company Remote First_Blog Header_2022 (4).png

    We’re providing Twilions with flexibility, creating more opportunities for connection, and redesigning our ways of working — together as one team

    At Twilio, we're always thinking about the future — and the future of work. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we've relied on digital solutions to partner with clients and peers in ways that help us do our best work, especially when we're thousands of miles apart.

    And because we believe that businesses should leave society better than it was found, we're intentional in the meaningful work we take on, the impact we make, and how we structure and support our teams.

    So today, as part of the evolution of the Open Work initiative we launched in 2021, we're announcing that Twilio is now a remote-first company.

    What is remote-first?

    Our remote-first approach is focused on providing our employees with flexibility, creating opportunities for connection, and delivering tools …

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    5 Questions with Twilio’s first-ever Chief Privacy Officer Amy Holcroft Copy of Console DX promo images 1200x628 h (4).png

    Amy Holcroft is joining Twilio as our first-ever Chief Privacy Officer and will lead the team responsible for protecting the interests of Twilio’s more than 250,000 customers and enabling their compliance with information privacy laws.

    Previously, Amy was at HP Company and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she was a privacy leader for 13 years. As HPE’s Chief Privacy Officer, she led an international team of attorneys and compliance professionals managing global privacy and information governance programs on a global scale. She brings deep expertise in navigating and implementing complex compliance initiatives to address privacy regulations in the ever-changing technology and service provider industries.

    We asked her five questions to get to know her and see what she’s excited to build at Twilio.

    Do you have a secret talent?

    I am a keen gardener and have developed (what I think you can call!) a talent for growing shrub and climbing roses …

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  • By Twilio
    BlueCats turns proximity data into digital awareness with Twilio IoT IoTUseCases.png

    With Twilio Super SIM, BlueCats delivers safer and smarter workplaces.

    Covid-19 accelerated a significant business trend - the need for extremely accurate asset tracking. Whether it’s tracing the location of workers inside buildings for safety and social distancing or tracking assets across work zones, real-time asset tracking is increasingly becoming a critical part of business. In fact, Real-Time Location Systems are predicted to grow at nearly 20% CAGR through 2025, with the global asset tracking market estimated to reach $36.3B by 2025. But as the importance of the asset information increased, so did the complexity to deliver extremely accurate information, accessible in real time, and at scale.

    BlueCats asset tracking
    Workers contributing to safety by wearing BlueCats trackers

    Delivering real time digital awareness

    That’s exactly where BlueCats steps in to deliver digital awareness. By leveraging real time metrics on tagged personnel and assets at worksites, warehouses, and industrial environment, BlueCats’s Real Time …

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  • By Twilio
    5 Questions with Twilio’s first-ever Chief Digital Officer Reeny Sondhi Copy of Console DX promo images 1200x628 h (3).png

    Reeny Sondhi is joining Twilio as our first-ever Chief Digital Officer and will lead the scale of all technology operations needed as we focus on scaling and becoming an end-to-end customer engagement platform.

    Reeny joined Twilio from Autodesk, where she served as Chief Security Officer, responsible for driving the company’s security and trust strategy for infrastructure, products, and services. Before Autodesk, she led security engineering for EMC, now part of Dell.

    She made a transition to security after years in product management, launching multiple hardware and software products. Reeny serves on the board of Rapid7, a growth business in cybersecurity, and has been recognized by San Francisco Business Times as one of the “Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business.

    We asked her five questions to get to know her and see what she’s excited to build at Twilio.

    If your life had a theme song what would it …

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  • By Twilio
    5 Best Chat APIs & Messaging SDKs of 2022 messaging api.png

    Real-time chat is a powerful channel for your business to reach customers. In a customer service context, it allows you to handle inquiries immediately. For outbound sales, you can interact with potential customers as soon as they land on your website. As your business connects directly with customers through real-time chat, those connections can translate to sales, growth, and value.

    Fortunately, it has never been easier to integrate such a solution into your business. Instead of building a messaging solution from scratch, companies can leverage prebuilt solutions to easily integrate chat into existing apps and websites.

    Below, we’ll look at 5 of the best chat application programming interfaces (APIs) and messaging software development kits (SDKs) of 2022—but first, let’s lay a foundation by reviewing core concepts.

    What are chat and messaging APIs and SDKs?

    Chat platform APIs and SDKs allow a company to integrate existing real-time chat solutions into its …

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  • By Twilio
    8 Best Instant Messaging Platforms for Your Business 8 Best Instant Messaging Platforms for Your Business

    If you’re not using instant messaging platforms for your business yet, there’s no better time than the present to make the shift.

    Live chat has become the leading digital contact method: 42% of online customers prefer instant messaging for business matters, compared to the 29% who prefer email or 16% who prefer social media.

    Internally, connected teams are more productiveand happier. More than half of office workers (54%) say their coworkers are their top reason for job satisfaction—which ranks above the work itself (42%) and even salary (40%).

    Not to mention, the workplace continues to expand beyond 4 walls, with 71% of employees working from home most or all of the time as a result of the pandemic and 25% of all professional jobs expected to remain fully remote by the close of 2022. With our world evolving at record speed, secure instant messaging apps for …

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  • By Twilio
    How NGOs are leveraging digital engagement to help Ukrainian refugees How NGOs are leveraging digital engagement to help Ukrainian refugees

    When people are at risk due to conflict, crises, and war, social impact builders rise up to help. Today’s war in Ukraine is no different. We’re devastated by the loss of life and the attack on democracy and freedom, but we’re finding hope in the way communities are rallying to support displaced people. Nonprofits, NGOs, volunteer groups, and businesses are building innovative solutions to support people leaving their homes to reach safety.

    Here are the top use cases we’re seeing for how impact organizations are leveraging digital communications and Twilio products to support the people displaced by the war in Ukraine. Check out the linked resources to get started building your own communications app, or reach out to our team for additional support. We’re happy to help walk through technical approaches and offer nonprofit product discounts.

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  • By Twilio
    8 Best Mobile Messaging Apps 8 Best Mobile Messaging Apps

    These days, we depend on multiple forms of communication to drive business forward, from emails to regular SMS to mobile messaging apps. On top of offering similar core functionalities to regular text messages, mobile messaging apps provide additional features that enhance the experience, such as more data security and easy access to popular social media networks.

    Why should I use a messaging app for business?

    Social chat apps are an effective way to build and strengthen digital relationships with customers, as there are unique opportunities for long-term, impactful connections. In 2020 alone, 62% of businesses used WhatsApp to communicate with customers, while Facebook Messenger saw a 51% increase in companies using its platform for effective customer service and engagement.

    Mobile messaging apps have transformed how businesses communicate with customers, making interactions less formal and more friendly. Here’s a list of messaging apps that stand out in the crowd.

    List of …

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  • By Twilio
    Twilio Segment est désormais disponible dans l'UE Large Logo-segment logotype green digital.png

    Cela fait un an et demi que l'arrêt Schrems II a soulevé des questions sur la légalité des transferts de données de l'UE vers des pays tiers, tels que les États-Unis. Pour répondre à ces préoccupations, en mars dernier, nous avons annoncé notre feuille de route pour Regional Twilio Segment dans l'UE, qui détaillait nos plans et notre calendrier pour introduire l'acquisition, le traitement et le stockage des données dans l'UE.

    Nous nous sommes engagés à fournir un produit localisé dans l'UE pour les Connexions, les Protocoles et les Personas d'ici janvier 2022. C'est désormais chose faite. Nous sommes ravis de franchir une nouvelle étape dans notre feuille de route et d'annoncer la disponibilité de Regional Twilio Segment dans l'Union européenne pour tous les nouveaux clients ayant une licence « Business ».

    Regional Twilio Segment est la première plateforme de données clients (CDP) au monde déployée dans l'UE. Elle …

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