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  • By William Essilfie
    Construire des bots Facebook Messenger avec Python Construire des bots Facebook Messenger avec Python

    Ah, la magie des chatbots... Ces produits remarquables permettant aux individus de créer de nouvelles expériences, allant de l'envoi d'actualités personnalisées à la diffusion d'informations sur les soins de santé destinés aux femmes. La première fois que j'ai entendu parler des bots, je n'imaginais pas que je serais un jour capable d'en créer un moi-même. Cela étant, je me suis vite plongé dans la documentation de Facebook Messenger et j'ai commencé à apprendre comment faire fonctionner un bot en un rien de temps, avec un peu de Python 3 et de Flask.

    Dans cet article, nous aborderons les bots en allant des notions de base sur leur fonctionnement jusqu'à la construction de notre propre bot Facebook Messenger basique. Nous allons plus précisément construire une version de base de Black Girl Magic Bot, un bot Facebook Messenger qui envoie aux utilisatrices des images, des listes de lecture, et …

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  • By William Essilfie
    Extending Python and Flask Web Applications with APIs -AIwKqzeW5Wm1Fy07nYVq2Wr0qxddiMwZq65vqL1QO10efIaF4kWJOTAIZ1YVFM6wxujUu54aywZUxhDXtUH3QLrAt0YyYN5X4vJjaOaKHeXS8u7AqUpDha8Vo9mAQqZPotKy0ae

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can be a great way to programmatically gather or distribute data. API creation really distills down to creating a set of routes that receive requests and return useful data. For example, visiting this page may be easy for a person to read, but it’s harder for a computer program to extract the information it may need. An API can return just the information a program needs.

    In this tutorial, we’ll make an API of I Love Dogs, a basic Flask site I created to show cool articles and photos about different types of dogs.

    The site is organized by sections the user can visit to learn about different topics. For this API, we’ll create an endpoint so that when a user pings it with a topic they want to get content resources for, it returns a list of resources.

    Before we start coding, let’s see …

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  • By William Essilfie
    How to Host a Python and Flask Facebook Messenger Bot on Heroku Code on a Laptop

    With the rise of bots, people can create new tools to help make people’s lives easier. In the first part of this bot series, we discussed how to make a Facebook Messenger bot using Python, Flask, and Ngrok. However, for a bot in production, having all the requests processed on your personal computer won’t work well. That’s where a hosting service like Heroku can come in. Services like Heroku’s allow you to host your program on their servers making it available for people to access 24/7. In this guide, we will talk about how to migrate a Facebook Messenger bot from being run on Ngrok to Heroku. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll use Heroku’s free hobby tier.

    Register an Account with Heroku

    Get started with Heroku by first making an account. Once you’ve verified your email address, log into the Heroku dashboard and make a new …

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  • By William Essilfie
    Building Facebook Messenger Bots with Python in less than 60 minutes PEdpFJA2m-SnCi6ALrcNxBREpd9Lzdjzb3r1M81ihfvThLF8hiBT1aZK5-vH2gS2SY3BSgSAjfGDYl6GC_x5myq4UsvqHvyIWNDpau5MWdzSBHxr3dPMWchIQahmPOlGCrtbzgtc-1

    Chatbots are magical. Bots can be an amazing product that allow people to create new experiences, from reporting personal news to delivering women’s healthcare information. When I first learned about bots, I never imagined I would be able to make one on my own. However, I quickly dug into the Facebook Messenger documentation and began learning how with a bit of Python 3 and Flask, one could get a bot up and running in no time.

    We’ll cover everything from the basics of how bots work to building our own basic Facebook Messenger bot. Specifically, we’ll be making a basic version of Black Girl Magic Bot, a Facebook Messenger bot that sends users images, playlists, and generally uplifting messages to remind them just how amazing they are. If you’re interested into digging the code for the bot, you can fork it and play with it via GitHub. …

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