How to Host a Python and Flask Facebook Messenger Bot on Heroku

Code on a laptop screen

With the rise of bots, people can create new tools to help make people’s lives easier. In the first part of this bot series, we discussed how to make a Facebook Messenger bot using Python, Flask, and Ngrok. However, for a bot in production, having all the requests processed on your personal computer won’t work well. That’s where a hosting service like Heroku can come in. Services… Read More

Building Facebook Messenger Bots with Python in less than 60 minutes


Chatbots are magical. Bots can be an amazing product that allow people to create new experiences, from reporting personal news to delivering women’s healthcare information. When I first learned about bots, I never imagined I would be able to make one on my own. However, I quickly dug into the Facebook Messenger documentation and began learning how with a bit of Python 3 and Flask, one… Read More