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Getting Out the Voates with Hall & Oates


Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, November 6, and Twilio has partnered with Lyft, Callin’ Oates, and Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famers and best-selling rock duo of all time Hall & Oates to help people get out and vote.

Here’s how it works:

  • Call +1 (540) 4-VOATES anytime between now and Election Day to hear a special message from John Oates.

  • Press any number after the message and you’ll receive a text with information to help you find your local polling place, and a link to Lyft.

  • On Election Day, open the Lyft app and select your polling location to receive 50% off your ride to the polls.

It’s that simple!

Democracy works best when all voices are heard this Election Day, so make sure you vote!

Ooh yeah!


Fun fact: In 2011, a Twilio employee created the ‘Callin’ Oates’ hotline, which quickly became a viral sensation. We require all new employees to code an app in their first 30 days using Twilio, and Michael Selvidge created to a hotline where users could hear a song by the dreamy duo Hall and Oates. Click here to see it in action. Follow @CallinOates for more.


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