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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Voice

SIP Registration Edge Location Support GA

Programmable Voice SIP Registration has been updated to allow SIP Endpoints to be registered to Twilio via all of Twilio’s Edge Locations globally.  Previously, all SIP endpoints were required to register to the US1/Ashburn edge.

The format for the Edge-specific domains is now as follows:


You should typically have your SIP devices register and send SIP messages via the Edge Locations closest to their physical location.

When sending a call to a registered SIP endpoint it is no longer necessary to include the edge location in the URI. Twilio's backend infrastructure knows which edge location the endpoint has registered on and will automatically route the traffic to the appropriate destination. The new URI format for calls to registered SIP endpoints is:


This change will not affect SIP endpoints using the previous method, i.e., endpoints registered using the US1/Ashburn edge will still work using the previous format.

Learn more in our blog post, or see the SIP Registration documentation for more details.